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hard_damage, 2006-03-07

I won't do this often, but I strongly suggest you download now, without reading the review, for your own benefit of time saving, still, if you must read a review, please feel free but, you'll be kicking yourself as to why you didn't take this piece of advice and start downloading sooner.

Taking a look at the preview picture included, I was assured it would be another moderately well made mod...then I looked at the actual texture files. Amazing. This background is a combination of various NASA/public domain long-range photographs of interstellar objects and I strongly recommend you download this, effective immediately. Saved in 512*512 resolution, these are high-detailed, beautiful pictures arranged fantastically to allow you to blast your opponent's armada whilst absorbing the colours and beautiful sights of the galaxy.

Simply, download now and enjoy some faultlesly arranged pictures from the final frontier.

Star Trek Armada II Background alternative.

v0.1 20060306


High-resolution (512x512) background images for use in tactical view (pointless in strategic view).

Original pictures:

NASA/public domain.


1) Copy


to your textures\rgb directory.

It is unlikely you will be replacing anything, but if you are, make a backup of any replaced files.

2) Start the map editor, and press CTRL-R to get the map properties.

3) In the "Background" window, type in "mbgh" (without the quotes) and press Enter.

4) Switch to tactical view if you are in strategic, look around and marvel.


There are no bugs, they are *features*!

OK, seriously, this work on my system. I don't know what might happen on a system without enough memory, or outdated display drivers, etc.


I would like to take credit, but I picture an angry mob of astronomers chasing me with pitchforks and torches. Let's say a "friend" of mine did this, just to see how it would work out. This "friend" thinks it turned out OK for a first attempt.

Contact information:

hard_damage2006 at yahoo dot com



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#1 MajorPayne 2006-03-07 11:00
Well I for one think that whilst this is exceptional the last line of the description is somewhat condisending towards other users.

Fair enough on that point, I'll change it - J7
#2 Stephen_1987 2006-03-07 11:36
absolutely stunning, I love it
#3 Gardiner 2006-03-07 18:13
That's purrdy! *purrs* I've been hoping for something like this for a long time... yay, we thank you ^_^ *hits the download button*
#4 hard_damage 2006-03-07 23:37
Thanks, everyone. Here is a quick and cheap upgrade--you don't even need to download anything else. Rename the files as follows:

mbgh0.tga -> mbghh2.tga and *rotate* 180 degrees, save.

mbgh1.tga -> mbghh1.tga and *rorate* 180 degrees, save.

mbgh2.tga -> mbghh0.tga and *rotate* 180 degrees, save.

mbgh3.tga -> mbghh3.tga and *rotate* 180 degrees, save.

mbgh4.tga -> mbghh5.tga

mbgh5.tga -> mbghh4.tga

Then use mbghh instead of mbgh

What this does is, it puts the "top" at the "bottom" and vice versa. Why? Because the picture is much better, and most people are probably going to be looking down more than they are going to be looking up.

I'll be fixing other things on the next one.

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