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Model.png Aquiescent Class 1.1

(3 votes)

Version 1.1 of this mod includes new texture sets (at 512x512), and some corrections to the weapons included.

 frostmourn4 2008-10-13   3.49 MB 1,253 Comments: 3

Model.png Aquiescent Class

(2 votes)

The Aquiescent class starship is the kind of warship Starfleet needs beyond the present threats.

 frostmourn4 2008-10-09   3.10 MB 513 Comments: 13

Model.png Audacious Class

(5 votes)

Well, a nice futuristic-looking ship here, I've seen it before (I think on BCFiles). Nevertheless, its nice, and has a 'slipstream' feel to it.

 Interstellar Machine 2006-11-27   495.31 KB 2,028 Comments: 6

Model.png Century Class for A1

(2 votes)

Well hopefully the last of the 2 conversions for K_merse's A2 ships here is the Century Class.

 FallenGraces 2009-03-09   529.36 KB 904 Comments: 3

Model.png Discovery Class TOS Scout 1.0

(9 votes)

Discovery Class TOS Scout for Armada 1. Mesh and textures by Icewolf132, original design by Cleve from the Staryards for SFC2

 icewolf132 2005-09-06   347.41 KB 1,994 Comments: 2

Model.png Federation Soulwolf Class 1.0

(5 votes)

The Soulwolf has never looked better. Pepperman brings it to Armada and it's enough to make a LOT of A2 players jealous.

 Pepperman 2009-02-20   2.82 MB 1,042 Comments: 6

Model.png Manta Class for A1

(5 votes)

This is the Manta Class for A1. Personally I think the its a nice mesh and a good effort, but the textures could do with a little more work.

 Greathor 2006-07-04   2.71 MB 1,211 Comments: 16

Model.png Prometheus Class Starship A1 1.0

(3 votes)

The Prometheus-class is a highly classified Federation starship designed for deep-space tactical assignments.

 Pepperman 2009-01-10   2.08 MB 1,455 Comments: 5

Model.png Serpent Class 2.0

(9 votes)

This is an updated Serpent class for Armada 1, it has a new texture and hardpoint locations.

 Epytron Omega 2005-02-16   588.55 KB 2,437 Comments: 5

Model.png Sovereign Class mk2

(2 votes)

This mod ports Howedar's/Redragon's ( Federation Sovereign Class Starship over to the A1 community.

 Pepperman 2009-02-11   4.08 MB 1,046 Comments: 3