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Generic.png Armada ODF Editor v Beta 1.0 1.0

(6 votes)

This is the Beta 1.0 release. It is as foolproof as possible but since this is a beta release there might be some bugs here and there.

 Talyn2k5 2005-12-08   368.13 KB 1,317 Comments: 12

Generic.png ODF Editor

(6 votes)

This is a nice little program by our very own Spectre that allows you to edit .odf files easily! Installation: Just extract the 3 files in the .zip t…

 Spectre 2002-10-07   165.68 KB 1,268 Comments: 9

Generic.png ODF Editor 2.0

(13 votes)

Spectre has revised his ODF editor, so now you can edit and create odfs in a breeze

 Spectre 2002-10-18   225.02 KB 8,319 Comments: 14

Generic.png ODF Packer

(4 votes)

This removes un-needed things found in the odf files

 Gleacer 2002-06-11   94.94 KB 1,241 Comments: 1

Generic.png SATOE - Star Trek Armada II .odf Editor 1.1

(5 votes)

Here's a nice patch/re-installer for the good ODF editor done by Talyn2k5. It takes the original and makes it even better allowing mod-wannabe's to st…

 Talyn2k5 2005-12-27   345.58 KB 3,034 Comments: 13

Generic.png Star Trek Armada 2: Modding Supplement 1.0

(5 votes)

It's not often we get help with the scripting side of A2. Epytron Omega has put together the latest thing in that regard: an editor for your scripting…

 Epytron Omega 2009-01-13   535.44 KB 427 Comments: 4

Generic.png Star Trek Armada 2: Modding Supplement 1.1

(5 votes)

This program was written for modding ODF, TT and Sprite files for Star Trek Armada 2.

 Epytron Omega 2009-01-13   576.58 KB 846 Comments: 5

Generic.png STATE (Star Trek Armada Two Editor)

(6 votes)

The latest and greatest version of everyones favorite ODF editor, this version also supports TT files.

 Talyn2k5 2006-03-14   512.50 KB 2,621 Comments: 7

Generic.png STAUM 2.0 2.0.1

(1 vote)

STAUM 2 is a development of a tool designed nine years ago for Armada 1. The tool goes through your ODF & TT files searching for errors that caus…

 FallenGraces 2009-08-15   728.59 KB 510 Comments: 4