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ModelStarbase.png Orbital Defence Platforms

(6 votes)

This adds Orbital Defence Platforms to Cardassians, Klingons, Federation, and Romulans in the stock Armada 2.

 Captain Steve 2004-08-12   1.44 MB 2,879 Comments: 7

ModelStarbase.png Point Defence Turrets

(2 votes)

A handy little modification that enables turrets to destroy torpedoes. - Not much use for the Torpedo Turrets unless they are having target practise…

 species_314159 2007-01-01   606.79 KB 650 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png The Claw - Multi-Race Yard

(25 votes)

This is another great shipyard (with a twist) from FahreS. This is the 'Claw' shipyard, a generic shipyard which has 5 seperate versions based on diff…

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2007-08-22   4.77 MB 936 Comments: 19