Orbital Defence Platforms Orbital Defence Platforms

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Captain Steve, 2004-08-12

this adds Orbital Defence Platforms to Cardassians, Klingons, Federation, and Romulans in the stock Armada 2.

this also includes the patch which makes the romulans able to mine metal like all the other races

This is my Orbital Defence Platforms mod for the Cardassians,
Klingons, Federation, and Romulans in the stock Armada 2.

Have you ever been frustrated by enemies constantly raiding
outlying Orbital Processing Facilities (lets call them OPFs
from now on, okay?) and Colonies? Well, it bothered the hell
out of me so I created this mod. It replaces the OPF with what
I call Orbital Defence Platforms that both collect metal and
are well armed/shielded for self defence. They also can detect
cloaked ships and bombard planets (just in case you're feeling
particularly vindictive).

The odfs, SODs, buildbuttons, and Admiral's Log pics use the
names of the original OPFs so when you install the mod, they
will be overwritten. BACK THEM UP BEFORE INSTALLATION. This
was done so that the AI can use them ingame without me editing
the AI files (a messy process for me, I can assure you).

now, the fun part, installation ;)

to install:
--put the contents of the odf folder into your odf/stations
--put the contents of the SOD folder into the SOD folder.
--put the gui_global file into the sprites folder.
--put the contents of the textures folder into textures/RGB
--put the contents of the bitmaps folder into the bitmaps/
Admiral's Log/shipImages folder.

overwrite files as neccessary AFTER backing the originals up
(in case you missed it above)

Well, you're done. Reading after this section is up to you as
it contains credits, bug info (none by the way), my email,
and the legal stuff/warnings section. It is not essential to
the installation of this mod--it would merely be polite to
read it as I went through the trouble to write it.

********************** Misc. Information *********************
This mod has been tested in Armada with the 1.1 with no bugs.
The only 'bug' is the lack of a wireframe for the Regula class
model so I used the original OPF wireframe for it.

--Me (Captain Steve)- edited odfs and gui_global files.
Compiled necessary files.
--Major A Payne for kitbashing the Romulan and Cardassian models,
making the wireframes, and Admiral's Log pics.(All sourced
from his mod Borg Incursion 2)
--Cardassian starbase originally done by Deemon as Deep Space 9.
--Captain Fingers for his excellent Regula class outpost model
found at AFC.
--Original idea..hmm...I really think about this one...I guess
the original inspiration would be the Orbital Starbase that
takes the Federation Stardock and does the same thing that
I've done in this mod to it. That's by Michael Raab so I guess
the credit goes to him (even though this mod is in no related
to his).

The Legal Stuff and Misc. Warnings
This mod is in no way affiliated with Activision or Paramount,
so don't call them for support if this screws up your computer.
After all, if you missed the BACKUP ALL FILES notice TWICE
above it's not my problem or theirs, just yours.

If you don't like it or have any suggestions, complaints, etc.
contact me at SAFNJ@aol.com as I'm always open to them. If
you'd like to use this in your mod, let me know, credit me and
the creators of the models. They are listed above.

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#1 Captain_Steve 2004-08-13 02:57
there's on more glitch to fi, this time in the Klingon ODF. The problem is that in the first line

of the odf there is a line that reads:

#include "station.odf"

For the station to mine, is should read:

#include "orbital.odf"

Change this line and it will mine metal just like the other ODPs. Sorry for the screw up. Enjoy the mod.x
#2 Twitch1 2004-08-13 10:29
I needed some new orbital stations. Tired of my old ones. Just in time! Ahhh!
#3 draconis_sharp 2004-08-16 12:18
are they to scale with the planets?
#4 Captain_Steve 2004-08-17 01:20
like realitically scaled? no. they're about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of starbases. if they were realitcally scaled you'd barely be able to see them.

you can change this by editing the ScaleSOD line in the odf. it's toward the bottom.
#5 FekleyrTarg 2006-09-05 12:35
Cool! The Regula1 and the Cardassian Shipyard from Brigde Commander! In this Mod!
#6 Limon36 2006-09-23 15:38
I did try to make one for Species 8472 but it won't mine the plantes. There needs to be a new Weapon so it can mine the plantes.
#7 Steven_Abell06 2007-04-04 19:07
Yea, everytime my Klingon ODP is built.. my game crashes just as she finishes? Do you have an explination as to why?

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