Republic Star Destroyer Republic Star Destroyer

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2003-06-13

well hear is a new ship for SW:FC the Republic Star Destroyer

Republic Star Destroyer by Cpt_Geddes.



If you do not have SW:FC rename the warsd.odf file to arsd.odf and place in the odf/ships folder.
Copy isdphys.odf and swcapcombat.odf files to the odf/other folder.
Copy isd.odf and arsd.odf to the odf/ships folder.
Copy arsd.sod to the sod folder.
Copy all .tga files to the textures/rgb folder.
Copy all files in the pulse folder to odf/weapons/pulse folder.
Copy weapon.spr files to the sprites folder.

To add to a shipyard open the shipyard .odf file and add:
builditemX = "arsd"
where X is the next number.

Open and and add arsd.odf 0.

If you have SW:FC installed onto your computer:

Copy ayard3.odf to your odf/stations folder.
Copy arsd.odf to the odf/station folder.
Copy gui_global to the sprites folder.
Copy the arsd.sod to the sod folder.
Copy isd01 and isd02 files to the textures/rgb folder.

Open and add:
arsd.odf 1 apod4b.odf

Open and add:
arsd.odf 0

I installed this ship on SW:FC 1.1 and it works. Ihaven't tested it on
SW:FC 1.0 or without SW:FC installed.

If you need any help or there are files missing e-mail me at:

Dark Razer

Visit this page for some models:

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#11 draconis_sharp 2004-04-20 10:57
the troop transports from the movie only look like star destroyers they also have no relation besides being the same shape and color. i know this because i have seen the concept sketches for the original transports that looked nothing like star destroyers and were not used in the games or movies. hopefully lucas arts won't get any bright ideas and say that they finally decided on it being the base for star destroyers. (because george had no plans on this before he made episode 2)
#12 Gil_Dagor 2004-04-21 11:35
Now - I don't doubt that they weren't originally like they are. But . . . I dunno, considering

#1: Their shape

#2: The similarities between clone trooper armor and stormie armor

#3: The fact that the Republic insignia is awfully similar to the Imperial insignia; basically looking like a negative image of it.

#4: The fact that the Republic is eventually replaced, not overthrown, by the Empire.

The Old Republic has a number of not-so-minor styalistic similarities with the Empire. Is it possible that, after they discarded the original plans, while they were wracking their brains, they decided to do something more Empire-themed? It sounds like the kind of "blunt instrument" continuity that dear ol' George likes. I just think it would be difficult for all of those things to be coincidences, y'know? :-)
#13 Wraith_166 2004-10-04 00:46
What does an Imperial Star Destroyer wear to a formal occasion? A bow TIE!
#14 Wraith_166 2004-10-12 01:29
WOW! Now THAT is a Star Destroyer worthy of the name! Whoever did this you absolutely HAVE to do a Super and a Victory class Star Destroyer, and maybe an Interdictor Cruiser too. If they turn out even HALF as good, I'll definitely download them!

PS: Love the weapons loadout!
#15 cptAndrew 2005-10-18 22:21
too bad this doesnt look anything like a repulic assault cruiser
#16 HavocArucard 2005-11-22 14:09
Now, I know that those comments are years old, but, just for future reference, there are such things as Republic Star Destroyers in the Expanded Universe(books). By the end of the New Jedi Order, there are still two working Star Destroyers in the Galactic Alliance, I believe they are the Mon Mothma and the Ackbar. There really is no difference in the design, as far as I know, just in who's driving...
#17 USS_Mouse 2006-02-13 18:35
It looks like an Imperial star destroyer :cry:
#18 NeoExelor 2006-04-19 19:46
My guess says not a Venator.
#19 Wolf01 2006-08-25 21:55
Oh, and for future A2 generations reference, there ARE republic star destroyers; just before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded, the Republic was working on a new generation of 'official' republic ships, instead of the stolen ones that they had. The ships had names like Nebula, Galaxy, and others. But one ship IS a republic Star Destroyer, and the only difference is a greater power output, and a few additional weapons.
#20 Karle94 2007-01-21 08:14
The game crashes when the ship is constructed what is the problem?and i`m not jusing SW:FC

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