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Model.png Deathblade

(7 votes)

This would be a somewhat powerful ship, from I believe Freespace. This ship was entered in the Armada2files "build-the-a2files-ship" contest.

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-06-10   1.92 MB 739 Comments: 1

Model.png GTD Orion

(2 votes)

This is a Orion Class Destroyer of the Galactic Terran Alliance. Having played one heck of a lot of games from the original pac man to the first wond…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-03-05   296.82 KB 777 Comments: 3

Model.png GTVA Colossus

(5 votes)

My wingman yelled "Command, there's a massive warship emerging from Subspace!" My fighter flashed through from the explosion marking the destruction…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-03-05   386.54 KB 916 Comments: 5

Model.png GTVA Full race addon

(7 votes)

This mod comes subspacing in from the FreeSpace universe. In the FreeSpace universe our part of the galaxy is inhabited by two races, the Terrans and…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-07-09   8.98 MB 1,233 Comments: 3

Model.png Shivan full race addon

(2 votes)

Another race subspacing in from the FreeSpace universe is the Shivans, an ancient xenophobic race thats been roaming the universe for millinnia wiping…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-07-09   9.36 MB 1,173 Comments: 6

Model.png SJ Sathanas 1.1

(4 votes)

A slight revision on the Sathanas submitted recently. For those wondering why I like/dislike the Sathanas so much take a look at this:-…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-03-05   334.47 KB 649 Comments: 6