Shivan full race addon Shivan full race addon

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Ultimate Dragon, 2007-07-09

Another race subspacing in from the FreeSpace universe is the Shivans, an ancient xenophobic race thats been roaming the universe for millinnia wiping out any race unlucky enough to be in the way. Why? Nobody knows and its unlikely anybody will ever know at this stage.

The Shivans do posses a scary technological advantage over the GTVA. When the GTVA thought that they had technological superiority over the Shivans in the last shivan war the Shivans responded with a hundred juggernaughts, each capable of near total annihilation of the GTVA. They shattered the GTVA fleet and punched through to a populated world which was being franticially being evacuated by the alliance. As the alliance was busy collapsing the subspace nodes out of the system the Shivans then collapsed the star, causing a supernova which decimated everything in the system. The GTVA survived, at a cost of most of their fleet and an inhabited system.

And now, you have full control of the Shivans devastating arsenal.

On the matter of balance, the ships of the FS universe are possibly a tad overpowered for a stock game so they are probably better paired off with either a custom race you have modified to match the sort of firepower the FS universe throws around or the GTVA, which is the other FS race available for download.

For screenshots, see here.

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#1 someddrnoob 2007-07-09 16:11
Does this fix the Shivan Mining Station bug or does it still exist?
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2007-07-10 13:30
O shi.... Fix is being sent for both races with the halo stuff >_<
#3 Mukavich 2007-09-01 15:53
both the GTVA and Shivan races crash as soon as i click in one of their ships/stations, can someone help me fix this?
#4 Ripvanwinkle 2009-12-23 07:59
I got this one running quite nicely. The ship seems a little bit overpowered, but not unreasonably so. I used winmerge for the events.dat file, and followed the instructions for an already modified game. Only thing that isn't mentioned, is that you need to change the Instantaction number in the shiv.odf file when you've got some other races added already.

Only thing I found possibly annoying, is the rehash of the instant action menu. The instructions should include which files not to copy in order for it to remain unchanged.

Great Job!
#5 tremer21 2010-03-28 18:08
Hey how do i get free tech with the shiv im just learning mods and shuch good at following dirrection also. i installed the shiv to my main folder and works find but cant get to it to go to free tech.

im guessing it something in my free tech folder but dont what to add in it. please help
#6 tremer21 2010-03-28 18:10
i meen mods and such lol sorry

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