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Ultimate Dragon, 2007-03-05

My wingman yelled "Command, there's a massive warship emerging from Subspace!"

My fighter flashed through from the explosion marking the destruction of the bomber that had been trying to bomb Enif station and tore round into a tight loop towards the subspace event indicated on my sensors. Narrowly missing an ariel on Enif Station I glimpsed the warship my wingman had mentioned. Massive was somewhat of an understatement, as the thing slowly emerging from subspace dwarfed the ships bombarding the station, the station and probably the entire GTVA fleet in the system as well.

Hold until relieved. hah, no way was I going to stop THAT in a puny little interceptor... Just as I was starting to contemplate exactly what I should be doing I heard GTVA command on the comm "IFF Status is friendly, meet the Colossus the largest space faring warship ever created"

Its on my side?

This is the GTVA Colossus, fighters stand clear of hostile warships. All batteries fire at will! Large sections of the behemoth in front of me started glowing, and there was a sound of something immensely powerful spinning up ready to fire. My hands slammed the afterburners and my ship corkscrewed out of the line of fire just in time to avoid the half dozen massive beam cannons fired on the one remaining ship. Rapidly turning around to see the results of the barrage I was in time to see the powerful cannons burning holes strait through the ship and emerging from the other side.

KABOOOMMMMM! Wreckage floated away from the kilometer long ship that our squadron had been scratching the paintwork on the entire mission.

Alpha squadron, you stand releived...

I headed home.

You can see the wonderful introduction to the Colossus that I saw simply by clicking here:-

~~~~~~GTVA Colossus Ship Addon Mod~~~~~

----Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Installation
III. Credits
IV. Other Stuff
V. Contact Info

----I: Introduction

~This mod will add on the Terran-Vasuadan Dreadnaught: the GTVA Colossus.
It is the largest Terran/Vasuadan craft constructed to date, and is by far the most powerful. Like
the SJ Sathanas (another mod), this mod originally hails from Freespace 2.

The model is extremely low poly, so FPS should not be a problem even with
300+ of any of the ships onscreen. The ship comes with a build button and
admiral's log pictures, but still lacks wireframes =P

----II: Installation

Step 1: Place the files into thier correct places. This means whatever is in this mod's
ODF folder goes in your ODF folder, and so on. You shouldn't be overwriting any files,
so copying the folders directly should work fine.

Step 2: Open your GUI_Global file in your Armada 2 Sprites folder.
Search for this line:

b_fspecial gbfspecial 0 0 64 64

Once you've found it, add the following line underneath it:

b_TDread TDreadBuild 0 0 64 64

Next find this line:

b_ghologen gbhologen 0 0 64 64

Once you've found it, add the following lines underneath:

b_TtransientRift gbquanteffect00 0 0 64 64
b_Tregen gbregen00 0 0 64 64
b_Tselfdes gbselfdes00 0 0 64 64

Step 3: Save the changes to your GUI_Global file and open up ur tech1 file in the Armada2 techtree folder.
Scroll all the way to the bottom (or wherever you choose to place this line) and add the following:

//Terran Dreadnaught (GTVA Colossus)
TDread.odf 0
gdetectt.odf 0
TtransientRift.odf 0
Tselfdes.odf 0
Tregen.odf 0

Step 4: Save the changes to the tech1 file. Now open up your favorite shipyard and add the following line
under where it has the builditem list:

buildItemX = "TDread"

The X stands for the # after the last one in the builditem list of the shipyard.

Step 5: Start up Armada 2 and enjoy!

----III: Credits

Original Models: Ultimate Dragon
Textures: Ultimate Dragon
ODF, SOD, TGA : Ultimate Dragon
Build Button and Admirals Log pic: Ultimate Dragon

----IV: Other Stuff

~This mod also serves as a way to announce the Terran-Vasudan Alliance mini race!

~Screenshot 3 shows a very familar screen to those with Freespace 2. Yes the proper ship wins
in the fight pictured, though if it had been weakened before the fight the other ship wouldve won ;)

~^_^ Check my other mods out! (Especially Sathanas 2.0 ;) )

~If anyone would like to challenge the validity of this model or any other model, I will
happily provide proof to the questionee.

----V. Contact Info

Ultimate Dragon can be reached by:

Commenting under this file

Please do not keep asking about the Halo mod, as stated above I'm trying to get it
re-posted. Also, please don't randomly add me to your MSN buddy list unless you
need a serious question answered.

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#1 Karle94 2007-03-05 13:05
My game crashes when the ship has been constructed.What is the problem?
#2 Chiletrek 2007-03-05 13:09

I just saw the video and I can truly say this ship is worthy of the name.

Well done!! 10/10
#3 someddrnoob 2007-03-06 19:23
Well, is the 3 front beam cannons all the Colossus has at the moment?
#4 Ultimate_Dragon 2007-03-07 12:47
@ 1, Any problems you may have are with the detect cloak weapon. You can edit this out of the ship's odf file or copy an existing odf of a detect cloak into the file

@3, to be balanced with the Sathanas in the A2verse, yes. Though it has the anti fighter beam..... if you look hard enough....
#5 Karle94 2007-03-08 01:24
thanks now it works

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