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Model.png B5 Warlock Class

(5 votes)

A ship for / from Bablyon 5, and a nice ship it is. Slightly different to the usual B5 ship scheme, with nice textures and model - I think it's about…

 EAS_Intrepid 2006-07-17   314.45 KB 1,155 Comments: 5

Model.png Babylon 5 Battleship

(9 votes)

A nicely done ship to add to armada2 but it is neccasary to edit the tech tree so that it can build

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-28   80.25 KB 2,420 Comments: 6

Model.png Babylon 5 EA Explorer 2.0

(4 votes)

This is a great mod tion to a mod. This adds another ship to the earth alliance side.

 Blakenstein 2002-06-28   1.35 MB 1,169 Comments: 2

Model.png Babylon 5 Minbari Ship Pack

(4 votes)

From the ReadMe: I've had these two ships for a while in a personal project (which has no connection to Zero Hour).

 Transmission 2007-01-16   2.18 MB 1,424 Comments: 4

Model.png Babylon 5 Narn Ship Pack

(3 votes)

From the ReadMe: Alike the Minbari pack, I've had these ships for a while in a personal project (which again has no connection to Zero Hour).

 Transmission 2007-01-16   2.38 MB 1,226 Comments: 5

Model.png Babylon 5 Quan

(3 votes)

A small babylon 5 ship which u need to place in the techtrees build list.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-28   86.56 KB 1,114 Comments: 2

Model.png Babylon 5 Shadow Battlecrab

(4 votes)

A Ship from me here, the original ReadMe that came with the model is also included.

 Transmission 2007-02-22   422.68 KB 1,045 Comments: 8

Model.png Babylon 5 Ship Pack 1.0

(6 votes)

This is a pack of ships from the TV show Babylon 5. You can get these ships working with either Armada I or Armada II.

 EAS_Intrepid 2005-12-03   1.09 MB 1,896 Comments: 3

Model.png EA Explorer Class

(5 votes)

From the Readme: This file contains a slight modification for B5A2, which adds the EA Explorer Class vessel, and allows you to build jump gates.

 Blakenstien 2003-01-21   332.61 KB 823 Comments: 2

Model.png Earth Alliance - Omega Class Destroyer

(17 votes)

This is an Omega Class Destroyer for the Earth Alliance for Star Trek Armada II.

 Atlantis 2005-10-07   651.43 KB 2,324 Comments: 15