Babylon 5 Ship Pack Babylon 5 Ship Pack

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EAS_Intrepid, 2005-12-03

This is a pack of ships from the TV show Babylon 5. You can get these ships working with either Armada I or Armada II.


1. Introduction and Copyright
2. Ships icluded
3. Contents
4. Installation instruction

1. Introduction
This a Babylon 5 ship pack, containing the EA Nova, Lupo, Oracle, Delphi and Apollo units and that works apart from the B5mods for Armada I or Armada II. The designs are taken from or the wolf's shipyards and from the B5 show, of course.


(C) by EAS_Intrepid;
YOU ARE ALLOWED to use these ship in your mod! Just contact me and write me that you do so.
If you wish to modify the sods (that includes the textures) contact me and write me your idea. I will allow it in 99% of the cases. Just do me a favor: DO NOT CROSS THEM WITH SHADOW OR VORLON BIO ARMOUR.
IF you have better weapon textures and weapon odfs, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Send me them and release them!
IF you have critics or wishes, send me them, too, and send a photo of your neares US forces base (JPEG/JPG-format) with it.
greetings from germany!

2. Ships included
The first unit has been introduced a few years before the Dilgar War back in the 2220's. It is a massive Capital Ship killer, based on the idea of a heavy ship carrying intimidating guns, that could blast a Dilgar battleship with one salvo in pieces. During the EA/Minbari War these units were nearly useless against the advancing Minbari forces.
After the war, the Nova was mass produced again to fill the gaps the destroyed Hyperion heavy cruisers left. Until the Omega class destroyer was in fleet service in a larger scale, the Nova became again, even if only for a short time, the most important combat unit in service.

The Nova included is a late Nova Beta refit. It is designated as EAS ENFORCER as it was fitted after the Civil War.
This unit survived both the Dilgar and Minbari War and was refitted with newer guns similar to the Omega pulse guns after the Civil War. The red markings on the bow show, that this ship is used in a fast response force to counter Raiders or invading forces and to take part in quick actions to restore peace in destabilized regions of space.

Another unit from the Dilgar War era. The Oracle was mothballed after the Dilgar War ended and pushed in service again when the Minbari began to strike EA territory in 2245. Only four or five survived and were refitted to electronic warfare units.

The Oracle included is the lead ship of this class (EAS ORACLE OCM-4700) and belongs to the Oracle Alpha type. The technological status is the one from the Dilgar War.

The Lupo is a very new addition to the EA forces. It was buildt to fill the gaps between the small escort units and the large battleships and dreadnoughts. It is equipped with a artificial gravitational system based on the one of the Warlock destroyers. It can also be used as a patrol or medium attack unit.

The Lupo included is the EAS GAGARIN LCF-5301, the second ship of the Lupo Alpha batch.
The Gagarin was a second test unit and entered service during the Drakh war, where it achieved many ship-to-ship and anti-fighter kills.

Built after the Civil War, the Apollo is the main missile carrying unit of Earthforce. It can attack planets and is a fine anti-ship unit. It does not have any pulse or laser weapons, the missiles are its only weapon system.

Included is the EAS APOLLO AMC-201, which is the lead ship of this class. As it was not involved in any combat action, there cannot be stated much information about it.

I finished the ship shortly before packing, I do not know what to write about it. Figure out yourself!

3. Contents
What should be in this Zip-Package?
-weapons -> yes //Novapulse.odf; Novapulseo.odf; Lupopulse.odf;Lupopulseo.odf; Oraclepulse.odf; Oraclepulseo.odf; Amissile.odf;Amissileo.odf; EAlaser1.odf; EAlasero.odf; EAlaser2.odf
-physics -> yes //eaphys.odf
-ships -> yes //EA_Nova.odf; EA_Lupo.odf; EA_Oracle.odf; EA_Apollo.odf; EA_Delphi.odf
sounds -> yes //EAlaser.wav; EApulse1.wav; EApulse2.wav
-build buttons -> no // -
-wireframes -> no // -
-ship textures -> yes //EA_Nova.tga; EA_Lupo.tga; Oracleo1.tga; EA_Apollo.tga; EA_Delphi.tga
-other textrures-> yes //xflare.tga; Weapulse.tga
sods -> yes
screenshot -> yes


Extract this zip into a temporary folder and copy all data into your STAII folder. If you are asked to overwrite, click yes!
(The xflare.tga is the file that will be overwritten. It basically changes the flare when tha laser fires from a yellow one into a more red one.)
Put these lines into fyard2.odf (based on default odf!):

buildItem4 = "EA_Oracle"
buildItem5 = "EA_Apollo"
buildItem6 = "EA_Lupo"
buildItem7 = "EA_Delphi"
buildItem8 = "EA_Nova"

when you did this, open the and put these lines into the federation ship section:

EA_Oracle.odf 0
EA_Apollo.odf 0
EA_Nova.odf 0
EA_Lupo.odf 0
EA_Delphi.odf 0

If you want to use the ships in freetech, open and add these lines, too.


Add these lines to the weapon.spr in the sprites folder.
Search the romulan pulse phaser sprite and add below:

# EA phaser
ealaser weapulse 0 0 128 32

# EA Pulse phaser
missile weapulse 0 32 128 32

After you edited the lines, it should look like this:

# Romulan Pulse phaser
rpphaser wpulse 0 64 128 32

# EA phaser
ealaser weapulse 0 0 128 32

# EA Pulse phaser
missile weapulse 0 32 128 32

# Shield Inversion beam
wshieldi Wshldinvbm 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4

When you did that, try it and contact me if you have any problems with it, I'll see what I can do.

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#1 MajorPayne 2005-12-03 13:33
A good representation of B5 ships. Good designing work and the models are of high quality. Textures, done by hand if I'm not mistaken, are of good quality also. I believe the poly count of the nova is a little high (if memory serves me correct), but within acceptable limits. All in all a good release, and gets a big :thumbsup: from me.
#2 Stfcbc 2005-12-04 02:02
put it there Rock these ships are usualy the best battleships around
#3 EAS_Intrepid 2005-12-12 10:29
Thanks alot! It was fun to build these ships for you.

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