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Captain_H, 2003-07-03

This is a interesting mod in my view. It makes sizes of the ships canon. For example a Cube and a Defiant will be to scale.

Developer: Captain_H
File Info: first mod, "True Scale Star Trek Armada II"

Thanks for downloading my first mod for Star Trek armada II.

Info on the mod:

This mod changes the size of most of the existing ships and stations. My intention was to make a mod that made the ships and stations to the correct scale using reference materials from "to scale" ship Diagrams at fleet-charts. I occomplished this by using the "ScaleSOD = " command and a decimal number. This allows the files other people have made to stay reliativly the same, apart from the added sod scaling line to some of the odfs.

Mod Background:

It started out just as a texture and scale changing of the borg ships and stations. It has evolved into a mod that changes the scale of the ships. I have replaced the textures and a few sods with other peoples' downloads (see credits) to make the scale changes more complete. One of these downloads is a standard planet texture and property replacement.


Just extract the files into the Armada Ii main directory.


8472pinkblobs: Planet changes; Realistic Bases (1.1) (parts of odfs were copied to this mod's files)
chris511buk2k: Borg cube and Tactical Cube (including textures used for Borg ships and Stations in this mod)
Neon: Warbird textures and sod
Admiral: Admirals Sovereign
Challenger: Akira textures
MIchell Kelly: neghvar textures and sod
Mangledduk: Federation Base Retexture
Raphael: Hero ships upgrade (parts of odfs were copied to this mod's files)
Uss Capital: Defiant tExtures
ATLantis Project: Saber Textures and Sod
Deemon: Galaxy textures
????: Nebula tExtures
Major A. Payne: Trading station Textures and sod
Activision/Maddock: Other files not changed and for creating the game which made this mod possible

Spcial notes:

Some machines may slow down when playing as or against the borg with the borg textures and their enormous size.

The legal stuff:



Please send any comments to the email address at the top of this readme. Hope you like the mod, i know I do.

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#1 Captain_Reisen 2003-07-03 15:57
Well, this is a nice change of pace from some mods which only seek to make new vessels and new weapons. I appreciate the efforts to get ships properly scaled, as I have seen small destroyers larger than dreadnoughts and starbases smaller than colony ships.

However, there is a size issue that I feel must be addressed. A Borg cube has 28 cubic km of volume (meaning it's about 3km a side) and a Sovereign class puts in at about .7km. A TFC would be at least 6km if not more. The screen might swell with one ship instead of a fleet (but then again, if you have a TFC, do you really NEED a fleet?)

:borg: Resistance is futile :borg:
#2 8472pinkblobs 2003-07-03 16:42
I'll have to download this
#3 Guest 2003-07-09 05:35
Look it dosent matter if a borg cube is 28km squared because it is just a game, i like what this guy has done it makes the game look cool and i certainly get enjoyment from my gigantic cube bearing down on a a tiny venture class, but, it is just a good game nothing more nothing less.
#4 johndavid240 2004-05-08 04:54
the only (main) size problem i found with the federation is the galaxy and nebula classes

they both use the same saucer section, and, aside from that, the galaxy class is larger than the nebula class (galaxy has stardrive section, nebula only has interchangable pod and nacelles)...

WHY is the galaxy class scalled SMALLER than the nebula class (they should be about the same ratio as the default)

i do like how the soverign class is larger than before.


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