Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion War Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion War

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Mr. Greg, 2002-10-31


I was able to correct those evil ODF errors, and now the mod is ready for 1.0 release! Here’s a lowdown of what the mod does: Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion war is meant to put the player in the middle of the Dominion War, either on the Federation or the Dominion, and place units smartly to survive. My goal was to put the “S” back in RTS. Too many people are playing A2 the way it wasn’t meant to be played: Building QehRals/Galaxies/Venators/Fusion Cubes/Etc as fast as they can, then obliterating the enemy base. Did the Federation assemble 50 galaxy class starships, and then blow Cardassia to pieces? I think not. I’ve made A2 a thinking man’s game, like the developers intended it to be: Build Times are longer, Costs are higher, and ships are way better balanced. This may be the most canon mod to date Biggrin . I want the player to use his units wisely, to think before he sends ships into combat, to guard what is most important with the most ships…you get the idea Wink .

There are a few big changes though, the main ones being the taking away of the Tachyon Detection grid and the ability to colonize planets. I took these away because A) Cloaking was used a lot in DS9 episodes, and there were hardly, if any at all, uses of TDGs. B) When you are at war, why colonize a new planet near the enemy? You are almost sentencing those poor colonists to death…

Unfortunately, there may be a few bugs still. One that I know about is that the Instant Action menu displays all races, but this mod is meant to have only the Federation and Cardassian (Dominion). If I can fix it, look for it in the 1.1 patch. If you play with either Feds or Dom. vs another race, it would be terribly unbalanced...

Those Probems aside, I think this is my best work, and I would highly recommend downloading it. You won't be dissaponted Biggrin

Here are some pictures of In-Game Action:

The Rotarran and Defiant cloaked in enemy territory

The Defiant overseeing the construction of a new Miranda class starship

A Galor class starship under attack by two Galaxy classes

Gul Dukat and Weyoun plotting their next move


5__________Special Thanks


It is a time of war. Cardassia has joined the Dominion, and together
they are plotting the destruction of the Federation. Your mission is
to defeat the Dominion at all costs, using anything you can get your
hands on. The fate of the entire Alpha Quadrant rests on your

...The Founders will be pleased. Cardassia has joined the Dominion,
and now we have a foothold in the alpha quadrant. Your mission is to
command our forces, and defeat the Federation, so that the Alpha Quadrant
will be in our hands. Glory to the Founders!


My goal when creating Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion War was to put
the "Strategy" back into to "Real Time Strategy." Armada Mulitplayer,
in my opinion, is at a sorry state right now. People just build
Galaxys/Qeh'Rals/Venators/Galors/etc as fast as possible. Did the
Federation build 500 Galaxys, then blow Cardassia to bits? lol...nope.
They strategically placed ships in carefully planned locations. That's
exactly what you're going to do in this mod. Ship costs are higher,
build times are longer, thus ship units are more valuable. This will
actually make you think more ;)


All non-stock Build Buttons and Wireframes besides Miranda Class: Ch'Yu Chen

Dominion GUI + Buttons: Ch'Yu Chen

-=The Dominion=-

-Dominion Weapons (Phasers/Torpedoes): Challenger

-Weyoun's Jem'Hadar Battleship, Jem'Hadar Battleship:
Mesh: Redragon (Luan Ngo)
Armada 1 Conversion and Texture: Napseeker (Tom Yee)

-Jem'Hadar Destroyer (A.K.A. "Bug"): Challenger

-Jem'Hadar Warship: Challenger

-Breen Craft: Michael Pantner


-=The Federation=-

-Starbase (Ship): Captain Fingers

-Miranda Class (Ship, Build Button, Wireframe): Chakotay

-Excelsior Class (Ship): 9 Of 9


Everything else (ODFs, Other Coding, Voices, etc): Me



All of the new ships in this mod were not made by me, therefore contact their
respective owners for questions relating to the ships themselves, and not the mod.

This mod is only to be distributed at Armada2Files initally, however if you would like to host
it on your website, you must ask me permission first by E-mail.

You may use any part of this mod relating to game code (Example: ODFs)in any project
you make, however, please contact me and tell me you are.


--Special Thanks---

Major A. Payne: For being one of the best modders around, and Influencing
my start in A2 Modding.

Armada2Files staff of October 2002: For doing your best to keep Armada2Files
the largest Armada 2 Download site on the web.

Pro-Filer: For putting up with my crap for this long :D

Raven Elite Force Support BBS: For being a good bunch of guys no matter
what the problem.

STGN: Same as above :)

A2 Modding Community: For giving life to a game that would of been dead
by now if you hadn't ;)


Author: Greg Plautz (A.K.A. Mr. Greg or Stingray)


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#41 Admiral_Kell 2003-01-30 20:08
the intrepid class was used in the war, it escorted admiral ross and bashir to romulus during an episode. it also looks like a constitution refit was used in the final battle. it was way in the back and i couldn't tell. you should also add the nebula class it would add a cheaper alternative to the galaxy. i have had the a.i problem where nothing builds too, i hope it gets fixed. and someone out there should make a ds9 station, it would really recreate the feel of the war. thanks :thumbsup:
#42 darkdude56 2003-02-04 14:20
It wont let me download it, it says password required!!!!!
#43 Cpt_Geddes 2003-02-07 05:07
I thought the mod was good (except the ai).

Will you make a patch?
#44 Admiral_Kell 2003-02-08 17:59
if anyone out there has any a.i experience could you plz fix the a.i on this mod, it would make it a hell of alot better. or if the fix was included in a patch. thanks
#45 sphinxanator 2003-02-18 14:43
about the tach grid. i think you should leave it out but somehow have the ships decloak after awhile so they don't stay cloaked for so long
#46 ShivaMohan 2003-03-14 08:08

I have installed the mod (it was correctly installed as the dominion wars splash screen appeared). However, I have no idea how to play the game. Do I access them via single player or instant action? In single player, there is no dominion wars campaign. In instant action, I do not know what maps to choose?

Someone help.



#47 Captain_Reisen 2003-03-14 16:39
Single player mode is limited to the Federation, the Klingons, and my, the Borg. So selecting Single Player will only give you access to the new Federation ships.

However, in Instant Action, the Dominion becomes available (provided that in the Dominion race .odf, the instant action slot is 7 or higher) and the Federation is also available. The techtree will support these ships.

As to the AI difficulties, I'm afraid I will be of no help there as I do not understand them myself.

Still, I hope this helps some.

:borg: Resistance is futile :borg:
#48 9of1 2006-06-11 10:45
I think you should have put the ships in based on their service records because that way it would be more realistic because the shows did not nor could not show every single class of ship in service at that time period. There were mirandas, soverigns, defiants, steamrunners, galaxies, runabouts, fed tactical fighters, intrepid and ect. the dominion war would have lasted longer if they had to show every ship class.
#49 Sovereign_73811 2008-04-28 18:16
The Sovereign WAS built but the prototype didn't work until after the Dominion War.

Therefore the Sovereign should be included as well as the Defiant class ( cuz the original prototype gets destroyed in a Ion storm & Starfleet sends the USS Sao Paolo & they rename it) Steamrunner class (it was in Wolf 359) Excelsior class (Lakota refit, its in ST:Legacy) & Sovereign class (everyone likes the Sovereign class Mr. Greg, please add).

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