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Captain Henk, 2002-12-14

Captain Henk attempted a Soccer mod, but it was aborted. He has released his work so far in hopes of someone else taking it over.

I've looked through the ODFs and it seems like a nice idea Smile

Hello, i'm captain henk and this is my unfinished project: "Soccer armada"

Since i'm not continuing this, i'm releasing it to anyone who wants to finish it. If you finish this and release it as a real mod, please credit me for the idea.

Included files:

The purpose is to, somehow, score a goal.

Captain Henk.
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#1 bumting 2007-03-09 15:16
SOCCER! the most stupidiest word ever, ITS FOOTBALL!

Please read the rules underneath, swearing is expressly forbidden. I do hope you will bear this in mind, I don't want to have to edit another one of your posts.

Soccer might be called football in the UK and most of Europe but in the USA football refers to rugby. Therefore, calling it Soccer is indeed the right thing to call it on an international site to avoid miscommunication.


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