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The_Undying_Nephalim, 2011-01-31
A polished version of Sigma included all five playable races and tons of new features.
This mod, ladies and gentlemen, is a milestone in Armada2/FleetOps modding.

For those who are not familar with this:
Sigma is a FO-based TC that throws pretty much everything we're used to out of the window. It completely replaces the trek-based content of the original FO with a universe thought up and created by TUN himself. It makes full use of all the features offered by the enhanced FO engine to the point that sometimes you don't even fully realize that you're playing A2. It brings fascinating and mysterious NPCs and space wildlife (something we haven't seen before) into the game. Oh, and the soundtrack is just fantastic.

If you haven't played this before, I would recommend to DL this right now.

Note: We've been having some trouble with uploading this file. If you should encounter any problems with downloading this, please inform the A2Files staff immediately. Thanks.

Thank you for downloading Sigma, a total conversion mod for Fleet Operations.
It is my hope that your experience with this mod will help gain enough support for
when the time comes to make this a full fledged game.

What's included in this version?
- 5 playable factions: The Zevestivan, V.R.A, Sov, Mylock, and Ekoset
- 4 unique leader characters to choose from for each faction
- 5 NPC races to encounter
- 5 wildlife creatures to examine or combat
- 14 maps specifically crafted for multiplayer
- Over 2 hours of Monarchy One's soundtrack
- Multiplayer support via Tunngle

Installation: To respect the wishes of the Fleet Ops development team, Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations
will need to be downloaded and installed in order to play Sigma. This version of Sigma requires at least
version 3.1.5 of Fleet Ops which can be downloaded here:

Once Fleet Operations 3.1.5 is installed, simply paste the Data folder over the Data folder in the Fleet Ops directory.
If it asks to overwrite any files, click yes to all of them.

Known Glitches:

- You MUST play on Sigma specific maps and not Fleet Ops maps (they occasionally cause crashes).
All Sigma maps are conveniently prefixed with "Sigma -" in their names.

- When playing as the Mylock, fter summoning Ventus the game will crash if you exit back to the main menu or to your desktop. This
is a Fleet Operations specific bug that will be fixed in a future patch.

- On Windows XP systems when exiting the game you might get a Windows Error Message. This
is a Fleet Operations specific bug that will be fixed in a future patch.


Parallel Process Team
Project Director
- The Undying Nephalim

3D modeling

- CanadianBorg
- The Undying Nephalim

- The Undying Nephalim

Music Composed by:
- Monarchy One

Beta Testing
- TimeMech
- Dominus Noctis
- Megadroid
- Elim
- Mal

Voice Overs

- Erin Grimsley
- Duke Robear
- Laura Blizzard
- Unleash Mayhem
- Bryan Stein
- Tai Gochnour
- Chasen Lindsey
- Adam Halpin
- Mal

FO Team
- DOCa Cola
- Optec
- Overlord/Zeich
- Croesus
- Detektor
- Remoter

(If I forgot to credit you for some reason, please contact me asap so I can add in your name)

Sigma © 2001-2011 Parallel Process. All rights reserved.

Version  Beta 2.0  Author  The_Undying_Nephalim  Website  Website external 
Downloads  1,364  Size  389.59 MB  Created  2011-01-31 



#1 dan1025 2011-01-31 16:43
Hands down the most creative and imaginative mod I have ever seen for A2, you should be extremely proud of this TUN, a fully staffed and paid team of game developers couldn't have done better :thumbsup:

A definite 10/10 :-)
#2 Avon 2011-02-01 02:17
Some serious dedication to modding after many years of development. This is an outstanding piece of work. Congratulations
#3 apoclaydon 2011-02-01 11:41
finnally lol awsome mod
#4 angryandorian 2011-02-01 15:15
Holy Cow!!!
#5 LowRider1990 2011-02-01 20:28
Serious awesomeness to you man! You've put them mainstream game designers to shame! This is so well thought out and original!

#6 UnknownSample 2011-02-02 05:13
This looks awsome it even reminds of the Moos. I CAN"T PLAY LOST MY STA2 DISK. I already shot myself in the foot so you don't have to.
#7 Lord_Narf_CLXX 2011-02-03 05:15
I'm at a loss for words it's that good. 10+/10 DrinkRock
#8 ss2gohan 2011-02-03 18:17
Sweet! Glad to see it released! Just downloaded! 10/10

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