Romulan Incursions Romulan Incursions

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8472pinkblobs, 2003-06-30

here is a start of a good sounding mod "Romulan Incursions Mod" by 8472Pinkblobs incorperating new ships and stations read the readme for more info

Romulan Incursions Mod by 8472Pinkblobs

Players - Federation, Romulan
Ships - about 10 a race
Stations - about 13 a race
Special Weapons - only 3

Planned Features for Final realease
2 more races reman and klingon
New special weapons
8 New ships a race including Advance Sovereign Class, And A Huge Warbird
New Stations 3 levels of construction yards
and many other features

Install Instructions

Extract the other files to Star Trek Armada 2/odf/other
Extract the ships files to Star Trek Armada 2/odf/ships
Extract the stations files to Star Trek Armada 2/odf/stations
Put the and to the star trek Armada 2/techtree
Put gui_global in Star Trek Armada II/sprites

Enjoy ( :

Odfs - 8472pinkblobs
TT files - 8472pinkblobs
All other Armada 2 files - Activision, Mad Doc.

Contact me at with any problems.

Version  Beta  Author  8472pinkblobs  Website   
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#11 meda 2004-08-22 10:21
:sad: first like 2 months ago i contacted creator he said there will not be a finished version bcause there was a virus on his computer so the data was releases: virus is the borg :borg: LOL
#12 meda 2004-08-22 10:22
2nd line: data was realeased; the data was deleted

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