Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.5 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.5

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FleetOps Team, 2010-12-25

IMPORTANT: This patch is ONLY compatible to the full FO version 3.14 or higher, installing it over any other prior version might result in a corrupt installation.

The FleetOps Team has released the first patch for their latest full release 3.1.4, which can be found HERE.

Please visit the official FleetOps forums to report bugs & balancing issues and to obtain technical support. Modders should also check the official FleetOps Modifications Board as quite some ODF commands and variables have been changed.

Merry Christmas from the Fleet Operations Team!

Looks like Santa went all the way to Romulus and Qo'noS to collect you a small patch. This update fixes several bugs and adds a new ability for the Starfleet Remore class.
Modders should also take a look at the changes and additions. (...) [-Optec}

- TParis


* Additional weapon effects have been added or redone, including more perceptible effects for Cover Fire and similar effects
* Ingame Multiplayer chat sound notifications
* Modding
o The GUI files (data/misc) now contain prefab settings for three avatar buttons. Check the aspect-ratio-specific GUI files for reference (gui_4x3.cfg, gui_5x4.cfg, ..)


* Increased the time a carrier requires to replace lost fighters to 18 seconds (bf.: 10)
* For the purpose of damage calculation, fighters are now treated as having the weapon range of their carrier. This does not affect their actual weapon range
* Replaced shell menu button hover and click sounds
* Fluidic Nebulas no longer hide vessels inside
* Dominion
o Slightly reduced the movement speed of Workerships
* Federation
o A new level 3 ability for the Remore replacing ECM: Point Defense
o Vessels with modified Photon Torpedoes are now also affected by Fleet Supply, the Nova Class special
* Klingon
o General Martok's Kahless Station is now armed with a Micro Photon Torpedo instead of a Torpedo Drone
* Modding
o Renamed Stock A2 ODF commands have been reverted


* Stopped some incorrect Borg Uplink spawning in Borg bases
* The Nova build button is now always visible as intended
* Fixed several tooltip typos
* Fixed a rare crash when selecting a vessel
* Fixed a rare crash when using a special weapon
* Fixed a crash when using custom maps with empty map descriptions
* Fixed a crash when trying to sort the map list with very large custom maps present
* Game Mechanics
o Mixed Tech caps are working again
o The Carriers, Troopships and Repair Ships caps may no longer be exploited by transferring them to an ally
o Fixed some messed up weapons on Taq'rojas Bird of Preys
o The accuracy of Quantum Pulses is now correctly reduced while Blockade Breaker is active
o Transwarp now shows a range indicator
o Dominion and Romulan Adaption Modules are now correctly displayed
o Veteran S-2 Escort Cruisers no longer disable the subsystems on units without a torpedo launcher

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#1 TParis 2010-12-25 10:13
If anyone else is wondering: main music is gone in this version with the multimedia pack installed, bug has been confirmed by DOCa and shozld be fixed in the next version.
#2 Wolfis_52 2010-12-31 10:39
Does anyone play this on multiplayer? Will it have a single-player campaign at some point?
#3 afcZman 2010-12-31 10:48
The priority right now for the dev team is multiplayer so yes most that play it do(and there are dozens)but yes it will have a campaign down the road.
#4 Dominus_Noctis 2011-01-01 10:08
You can find our online community on the Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations network on Tunngle :-) . More information can be found here: . There are between 5-35 active players at any one time, with about 100 different players. Scant information on a campaign can also be found here: . This will come quite far from now however, as there are still 3 factions to introduce, not to mention quite a few other necessary features for the existing factions :-)
#5 entryman 2011-01-10 11:11
very sweet mod! keep up the good work.

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