Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.2 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.2

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FleetOps Team, 2010-05-03

IMPORTANT: This patch is ONLY compatible to the full FO version 3.10 or higher, installing it over any other prior version might result in a corrupt installation.

The FleetOps Team has released the second patch for their latest full release 3.1.0, which can be found HERE.

Please visit the official FleetOps forums to report bugs & balancing issues and to obtain technical support.

The most important changes:

  • New weapon and impact effects
  • Armada Game Engine fixes to improve overall game performance and memory consumption
  • New Borg Dodecahedron and a new module for the Scout Cube
  • 2 new maps from the community
  • Federation Venture Class scouts have been refitted with special sensor beacons
  • Dominion A-4 Scouts may now drop special Passive Probes
  • Romulan Defense Batteries (formerly known as Disruptor Turret) are now powered by a Singularity Transmitter that will also regenerate energy on nearby friendly Romulan vessels
  • Tons of other changes and fixes

- TParis

Fleet Operations Version 3.1.2 - Armada II Total Conversion
Copyright (C) 2003-2010 Fleet Operations Development Team
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Changelog
4. Guide
5. Additional Credits
6. Contact Information
1. Introduction
Fleet Operations is a popular skirmish and multiplayer orientated modification
for Activision's Star Trek Armada II. The project target was not only to create
a simple "modification" but trying to make Armada II a worthy successor to the
second best selling Star Trek game Star Trek: Armada (behind Interplay's
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by a small, but fair margin).

As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of
Armada I should be, we started to change the philosophy of the game. The
objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root.
We do not believe in the sense of creating big fleets within seconds and battles
based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced
weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship
should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game.
We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single
new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the
possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships.
We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields,
more animated star maps to increase perception of the game.

2. Features
Key features of the current Release

- 5 races including Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
- Each race features 2 Avatars supporting your preferred tactic
- Over 200 brand new ship and station models
- All new multiplayer maps in realistic environments
- Long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects
- Ship experience and level-up system
- Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence
- Dynamic Game User Interface
- Reworked balance system
- New Soundtracks (Multimedia Pack)
- Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required
- Latest Armada II Patch included - based on Star Trek Armada II Patch 1.2
- Widescreen, enhanced multi-monitoring and build-in multisampling support
- Windows Vista UAC compliant
- Integrated Map Manager
- and much more....

3. Changelog
Version 3.1.2 3rd May 2010

- New weapon and impact effects
- Armada Game Engine fixes to improve overall game performance and memory
- Federation Venture Class scouts have been refitted with special sensor
beacons, allowing them to engage progressive scan patterns
- Dominion A-4 Scouts may now drop special Passive Probes
- Romulan Defense Batteries are now powered by a Singularity Transmitter that
will also regenerate energy on nearby friendly Romulan vessels. There
are also rumors about particle weapons being deployed in the Romulan
defense grids
- Admiral Mayson is now deploying a squadron of Nova Class vessels to
assist the Fleets
- A new Borg Dodecahedron has been spotted assisting the assimilation
capabilities of Borg fleets. The collective also adapted the Scout Cube
by adding a new module
- Dominion Sensor Stations may now activate the Remote Tachyon Beacons of
friendly vessels
- Hovering special weapons when having a group of ships selected now shows
the appropriate subsystem icon in the ship group display
- Station construction placeholders can now also be seen by allied players
- Model or texture redos
- Romulan Defense Battery (formerly known as Disruptor Turret)
- New maps
- Duel by Boggz
- The Final Frontier II by Boggz

- Adjusted some parameters in the balancing formulas, which caused incorrect
calculation of movement speeds and some other attributes. That causes
adjustments of most unit speeds and some slight cost changes
- More special weapons will now show their area of effect when hovered
- Constructors have tractor beams now to rescue damaged ships from
the frontlines
- Reduces research time and costs for Analyze Alien Technology
- Certain temporary crafts like fighters will no longer be repairable
by repair ships
- Borg vessels are far to complex now for repair ships to repair
- Replaced the construction delays with a "halt construction" button that
will stop the queue permanently until canceled
- Reordered icons in the menu palette to consume less space
- Adjusted the effectiviness of some passive abilities, Single Stage Energy
Conduits do now also increase the resource costs. Passive abilities that
include a damage vulnerability are more effective compared to their
counterparts. High Density Shield Generators and Ablative Armor Plates do
now also include a small damage reduction against short / long range
targets. The Autonomous Defense AI will now also reduce the combat
effectiveness against support ships
- Changed the targeting priorities for several vessels, including fighters
- Reduced the Defensive and System Values of fighters
- The "Normal AI" is now less difficult to beat to be more beginner friendly
- Troopships no longer need to lower their shields to transport.
Troopship cap reduced to 6 (bf.: 10)
- Reduced the construction costs of experimental yards to 600 dilithium
and 150 tritanium (bf.: 800 / 200)
- Tachyon Scan has been removed on all sensor stations. All factions got
other methods to track cloaked vessels in the field. Stationary Tachyon
Pings are still available and the respective structures are cheaper
to produce
- Area weapons that do not have an efficient effect on temporary crafts
will no longer count them as valid targets and try to find other, more
valuable victims (like Distortion Field on fighters for example)
- Added some additional info to the tooltips of burst-volley and
multi-target weapons
- Adjusted the construction time of mixed-tech vessels
- Most aim-to-fire special weapons to no longer have limited attack arcs
to ease their manual usage
- Reduced the Offensive Value of all scouts, but increased their
Defensive Value
- A new hotkey is available for cloak
- Borg
- Assimilation will now cause Incubation Centers to slowly assimilate
hostiles (bf.: granted Matrix Teleport)
- Borg vessels may no longer be recrewed like stations. Allied
vessels are now automatically recrewed if close to an
Incubation Complex
- Matrix Teleport is now available to all avatars on incubation centers
and restores a large amount of drones to all friendly ships at the
target location
- Borg Adaption Matrixes do now have proper Borg-like designations
- Increased the damage reduction granted by stacking Beam Modules
- Perfect Logistics generates resources much faster now
- Dilithium and Tritanium Synthesis generates resources much faster now
and the supply-resource transmutation rate has been improved
- Adaption resistances granted from mixed-tech modules have been increased
- Scout Cube System Value and construction costs reduced
- Adaptor System Value and construction costs reduced
- Establish Energy Nodes research costs adjusted
- Slightly increased the Holding Beam boarding rates
- Bring order to chaos damage boost reduced to 70 percent (bf.: 100)
- Sensor Relays no longer emit Tachyon Pings
- Graviton Relay has been removed. The Dodecahedron may transform into a
defense station if a Relay Module is installed
- Dominion
- Puretech: Now increases all attributes by 3 (bf.: 6), but also affects
the S-7 Defender. The construction-time-reduction is more effective now
due to formula changes, but no longer affects the war frigate
- B-8 Warfrigate construction costs and construction time reduced
- B-5 Battle Cruiser fighter carriers now support one less fighter.
Prototypes only support half the fighters of regular carriers
- Added a better display for the Worker Ship modes to keep track on
cooldowns and the current state
- Perimeter ping range increased to medium. Construction costs adjusted
- The Sensor Station is now equipped with Graviton-Tachyon Pings
- The Phaser Sentry is now equipped with a new passive ability called
EPS Control Nodes, increasing shield damage
- Phaser Sentry and Perimeter construction time reduced
- T-15 Heavy Cruiser gains Ablative Armor. Construction costs adjusted
- Cascade Feedback damage increased, special energy drain chance reduced
- Breen Torpedoes will now deal increased damage to battleships and reduced
damage to small ships
- Federation
- Admiral Mayson: ACS Torpedoes have been converted into a passive ability
and therefore no longer requires research. The construction time
reduction has been removed, but all defense Plattforms are now equipped
with altered weaponry
- The Eraudi Yard no longer requires Star Fleet Science to be built. All
Eraudi Yard vessels got their resource costs and construction times
slightly adjusted accordingly
- Plasma Coil area of effect reduced to match the visual effect
- Officer rank Defiant Class vessels deal now more damage with their
Quantum Torpedoes, but slightly reduced damage with their Pulse Phasers
- Probe (Canaveral Class level 1 ability) has been replaced by Sensor Synergy
- Tachyon Scan (Canaveral Class level 2 ability) has been replaced by EC3M
- Sensor Research has been moved to Starfleet Engineering and special
weapon research is located at Starfleet Science again
- Excelsior II Class construction costs reduced, but Quantum Torpedoes
are now on a limited attack arc
- Guided Quantum Torpedoes converted into an active ability
- Hyper Impulse Drive now also reduces the combat effectiveness of short
range attackers, but now reduces Offensive Value by 3 (bf.: 2)
- Avalon Class fighter carriers now support one less fighter
- Dual Pulse Phasers replaced with normal pulse phasers. Gameplay
characteristics remain unchanged
- Starfleet Command now requires Starfleet Engineering and Starfleet Science
to be built (bf.: just Starfleet Science)
- The Torpedo Platform is now a baseline turret and available to all
avatars. It is now armed if Photon Torpedoes per default
- Sensor Platform ping range increased to medium. Construction costs increased
- Assault Mode is now on a 30 second cooldown
- Klingon
- General Martok Defensive Value bonuses reduced to 4 / 3 / 2
(bf.: 8 / 6 / 4) but now reduces the supply costs of yard
extensions by half
- Shield strength reduced, hull strength increased
- B'rel Class and the Vutpa' Class are now equipped with manual targeting,
tracking down cloaked targets. Construction time and construction costs
- K'beajQ construction time adjusted
- K'Vort construction time adjusted
- SuS'a' construction time adjusted
- Veqlaragh construction time adjusted
- Taqrojas Bird of Preys deals now more damage with its torpedoes and
reduced damage with disruptors
- Ion Torpedoes reload times and damage adjusted. They do now deal
variable damage with a chance to deal high extra damage on a
successful hit
- Micro Photon Torpedoes replaced by normal Photon Torpedoes, but they
will now fire faster
- The Negh'var Class is now armed with Photon Torpedoes and gains
Ion Torpedoes on officer rank
- The Chor Class is now equipped with a special civil disruptor defense
weapon, which is more effective against early destroyer attacks
- The NoQ'Duj Class does now also deal increased damage to
fighters. Sensor range reduced
- Reduced the research costs and research time of Large Scale
Cloaking Devices
- Compound Torpedoes damage increased
- Cho'naQ Class damage increased
- Polaron Field now only affects up to 5 targets
- Scout Station ping range increased to medium
- Adjusted the construction time of Field Yard extensions
- Romulan
- General Mijural: Now increases the Defensive Value of Defense Batteries
by 5 and increases the Defensive Value of Singularity Transmitters by 10.
Defense Batteries remain active for a longer time span if disconnected
from a Singularity Transmitter (bf.: Extra Plasma Torpedo and bonus
to all attributes)
- Reduced all Dilithium and Tritanium costs
- Shrike Class construction costs and construction time reduced
- Shield strength reduced, hull strength increased
- The Rei'karansu Covert-Ops Team no longer substracts marines from the
Tavara's crew. The Tavara may no longer be field recrewed.
The Covert-Ops Team is now in a 20 second cooldown and consumes
400 energy (bf.: 250)
- If you researched a refit for Generix or Rhienn Class vessels,
they will now also be directly available at the yards
- Metaphasic Disruptor damage reduced and special energy costs adjusted
slightly. Is now a target-ability
- The Talon Class is now equipped with an advanced cloaking device.
Sensor range reduced
- The Spy Satellite has been removed. The Singularity Transmitter will
now function as a long-range sensor station. Use refitted Talon Class
vessels for Tachyon pings. Intelligence Report has been moved to
the Talon Class refit and it is now equipped with
Graviton-Tachyon Pings
- Disruptor Turret renamed to Defense Battery. The Defense Battery no
longer requires a Staryard to be built. Stationary Cloaking on Defense
Batteries no longer consumes energy. Singularity Transmitters may
not cloak
- Radiation Device energy costs and area of effect increased
- Eresis Class movement speed and construction costs increased
- Suppressive Shielding effectiveness reduced
- Spy now reveals a sensor radius around all hostile stations.
The radius and the duration is random
- The Generix Class Support Refit is now capped to 6 vessels.
Attribute bonuses changed to reduce Offensive Value by 3 and
increase the Defensive Value by 17 (bf.: 2 Defensive Value).
Costs adjusted.
- The Talon Refit no longer requires research
- Prefine Defense Components construction time shortend, but no longer
reduces dilithium and tritanium costs. Now reduces construction time
slightly and reduces the supply costs to a minimum
- Misc and Non-Playables
- The Federation McKinley Yard may now produce all Warp-In
vessels uncapped
- Unity One may now use Intelligence Report and Tachyon Scan and is
equipped with a medium range Graviton-Tachyon Ping

- Fixed a crash when loading a savegame when vessels on the map were affected
by special object effects like disabled shields or objects revealed
by cloak detection
- Admiral's Log: Ships destroyed by some special abilities were not
accounted correctly to the attacker
- Fixed a memory leak
- Solved several tooltip issues
- Breen Prototypes now also show their correct passive subsystem icons
- Fighters where invisibly counted against a fighter carrier's group
number, making the Ctrl+Shift+(groupnumber) hotkeys ineffective
in some cases
- Construction delays (or the new halt construction option) replaced a build
item instead of moving it to the next queue slot in some cases
- Romulan Combat Cloak showed a 'stuck' cooldown delay on it's system icon
- Game mechanic
- Romulan Cloak no longer consumes energy if the Leahval Class'
Advanced Energy Reeling special is active
- Dominion Cascade Feedback drains the intended amounts of special
energy now
- Klingon K'Vort Mixed-Tech (Federation) now has a correct weapon range
- Fighters do not block construction anymore
- Removed a station constructor exploit
- Extra Energy Stores work as intended now
- Klingon Scout Stations got their shield generators back
- The chance that Graviton Torpedoes will deal hull damage now correctly
improves with more modules installed
- Many vessels which are refits had incorrectly high supply costs,
like Rhienn Refits for example
- Starfleet Warp-In reinforcements will no longer inherit the
shield/hull damage ratio of the Starfleet Command structure
- Fixed several cloak-detect issues with neutral targets
- Fixed some bugs with the Federation Tricobalt Triloader
- Romulan Vmax Projectile Weapons do now correctly increase damage
against targets with higher Defensive Values
- Some special weapons were no longer usable on veterans once the veteran
cap was full
- Klingon ranked up Call-to-Arms-Vutpa' Class troopships are now
correctly double-click-selected along with unranked crafts
- You should now get the correct amount of resources back from recycling
- Cloaked stations will now decloak when the Romulan Cloaking Generator
is destroyed
- Romulan Stationary Cloak can no longer be exploited. There is now
a cooldown on all cloaking devices
- If a vessel gains a new rank while a temporary special ability is
active, those effects will no longer be canceled
- Vessels sent to a repair facitlity shouldn't 'forget' their given command
anymore when they were previously part of a ship formation
- Fixed the docking positions for many shipyards and repair facilities
- Corrected some incorrectly calculated prices for Borg Adaptor modules
- Dominion Tetryon-Photon Torpedo is now artillery range as intended
- Klingon K'Vort Class Bird of Preys should no longer decloak when
using their special ability
- You may now refit Romulan Talon Class scouts during cease fire

4. Guide

The unofficial Fleet Operations Guide can
be found at

Updated FAQs are available at

5. Additional Credits
Special Thx to...
all the people around the world who sent in bug reports and suggestions.
Deemon for his Prometheus
Fahres for his Intrepid
Juhan Uus for permission to use his image art for Fleet Operations
madshi for great development support
Nullsoft and the NSIS Development Team for their great support
Cleeve for his Vorcha textures
Dak Phoenix for allowing us to use his Phalanx design
MasterOfLan for offering webspace to host our big stuff :)
Dragi for his nice icons for the Map Manager and FO Patcher
Andrew J. Hodges for his Borg "Prime Sphere" design
William Burningham for his B'rel textures
damnedest creature for voice acting
COB, DarkestVorlon, Eufnoc, Overlord, SisQ, Trekki, admiralmax, Eximus,
General_Martok, hyperion, omega, riker47988, Sfera, volume, zeich, Uberdan,
Jan, Black Baron and all the others we might forgot to mention :)

6. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from
you. For reporting bugs, please visit our forum.


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#1 MajorAPayne 2010-05-03 14:37
Good release guys. I truely wish you could get your mits on the dam source code. That would be something.
#2 Adm_Zaxxon 2010-05-04 05:00

Thats all that needs to be said. I've waited too long to waist idle words. XD
#3 Dominus_Noctis 2010-05-04 08:51
Sadly MajorAPayne that is almost certainly impossible. The good thing is that the FO team doesn't need the source code - they can do anything they want through their current methodology. Of course that means if other mods want to use the tools they will most probably have to migrate to Fleet Ops, but that shouldn't pose a problem really :-)

Happy gaming folks :thumbsup:
#4 gfranger 2010-05-11 20:04
i am wondering.. if i can test my maps when i create them, cause when i use the map editor on this mod it does not let me unless there is a button that i'm unaware of to press.. if so let me know
#5 Dominus_Noctis 2010-05-14 08:38
Can you post your concern in the Fleet Ops forum please Gfranger? :-)

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