Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.1 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.1

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FleetOps Team, 2010-01-20

IMPORTANT: This patch is ONLY compatible to the full FO version 3.1.0, installing it over any other prior version might result in a corrupt installation.

The FleetOps Team has released the first patch for their latest full release 3.1.0, which can be found HERE.
Highly recommended, as it fixes the partly broken save & load system again.

Please visit the official FleetOps forums to report bugs & balancing issues and to obtain technical support.

The most important changes:

  • Phase armor plates for Rhienn Class vessels
  • AI Borg ship handling improved
  • 4 new maps from the community
  • Multiplayer AI takeover now uses the Merciless AI
  • Fixed a crash when saving or loading a game
  • A lot of other fixes and balance changes

- TParis

Fleet Operations Version 3.1.1 - Armada II Total Conversion
Copyright (C) 2003-2010 Fleet Operations Development Team
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Changelog
4. Guide
5. Additional Credits
6. Contact Information
1. Introduction
Fleet Operations is a popular skirmish and multiplayer orientated modification
for Activision's Star Trek Armada II. The project target was not only to create
a simple "modification" but trying to make Armada II a worthy successor to the
second best selling Star Trek game Star Trek: Armada (behind Interplay's
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by a small, but fair margin).

As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of
Armada I should be, we started to change the philosophy of the game. The
objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root.
We do not believe in the sense of creating big fleets within seconds and battles
based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced
weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship
should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game.
We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single
new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the
possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships.
We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields,
more animated star maps to increase perception of the game.

2. Features
Key features of the current Release

- 5 races including Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
- Each race features 2 Avatars supporting your preferred tactic
- Over 200 brand new ship and station models
- All new multiplayer maps in realistic environments
- Long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects
- Ship experience and level-up system
- Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence
- Dynamic Game User Interface
- Reworked balance system
- New Soundtracks (Multimedia Pack)
- Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required
- Latest Armada II Patch included - based on Star Trek Armada II Patch 1.2
- Widescreen, enhanced multi-monitoring and build-in multisampling support
- Windows Vista UAC compliant
- Integrated Map Manager
- and much more....

3. Changelog
Version 3.1.1 19th January 2010

- There are disturbing reports about Romulans experimenting with phase armor
plates on Rhienn Class vessels. Check the Research Institute for details
- AI Borg ship handling improved
- Subsystem icons of active-over-time special weapons will now flash to show
their changed status
- New maps
- Rain by Boggz
- Malta II by Boggz
- Hazard by Chris Bacchi
- Allies by funnystuffpictures

- Build queue delays don't abort the currently constructed ship anymore and get
pushed on position 2 of the queue instead
- Default "instant trading" values changed to more commonly used amounts
- Multiplayer AI takeover now uses the Merciless AI
- Federation
- Assault Mode energy costs reduced to 159 (bf.: 249)
- Canaveral Class costs increased to 308 dilithium, 343 tritanium and 14
supplies (bf.: 300, 285, 13) and construction time increased to 86
seconds (bf.: 80)
- Norway Class (Admiral Mayson) costs increased to 329 dilithium, 304
tritanium and 14 supplies (bf.: 300, 285, 13)
- Hyper Impulse Drive evasion boost is now more effective against
small attackers
- Platform construction time increased to 84 seconds (bf.: 70 seconds)
- Dominion
- Phase Shield energy costs reduced to 332 (bf.: 346)
- T-15 Heavy Cruiser movement speed increased and costs increased to 382
dilithium, 107 tritanium and 40 supply (bf.: 330, 88, 34) and construction
time increased to 80 seconds (bf.: 71)
- A-26 Bomber movement speed increased and costs increased to 313 dilithium,
96 tritanium and 33 supply (bf.: 286, 86, 30) and construction time
increased to 71 seconds (bf.: 66)
- A-20 Attack Destroyer movement speed increased and costs increased to 220
dilithium, 70 tritanium and 28 supply (bf.: 201, 63, 24) and construction
time increased to 61 seconds (bf.: 57)
- S-2 Escort Cruiser movement speed increased and costs increased to 327
dilithium, 111 tritanium and 35 supply (bf.: 313, 105, 33) and construction
time increased to 70 seconds (bf.: 67)
- The Hyperspace Sensor System is now equipped with a long range
Graviton-Tachyon Ping (bf.: short)
- Klingon
- Scout Station attributes increased to 20 Defensive Value and 9 System Value
(bf.: 15 / 7) which allows the Scout Station to use all abilities as
Costs slightly increased
- Imperial Stance energy costs reduced to 186 (bf.: 290)
- SuS'a' Class movement speed decreased and costs reduced to 380 dilithium,
131 tritanium and 15 supply (bf.: 415, 145, 16) and construction time
reduced to 67 seconds (bf.: 73)
- Romulan
- Slightly reduced all Romulan research costs
- Auto Repair System energy costs reduced to 60 per second (bf.: 150). It is
now the level 2 Leahval Class ability. It switched places with
Advanced Energy Reeling
- Advanced Energy Reeling redone: Now grants 10 Offensive Value and 10
Defensive Value. Reduces special energy regeneration, but improves all
special abilities with additional effects. Lasts 20 seconds and costs
less energy
- Metaphasic Disruptor energy costs reduced to 125 (bf.: 139)

- Fixed a crash when saving or loading a game
- Some passive ability icons were not shown correctly on Dominion prototypes
- Fixed a subsystem display issue on leveled up Federation Excelsior II Class
- Federation Veteran Galaxy Class vessels with Type 3 Torpedoes enabled now
still show the correct Modified Photon Torpedoes icon
- Fixed a crash loading a custom map with yard-objects
- Solved several tooltip issues
- Only up to 16 Ships could be added to a ship group by using
ctrl+shift+(group number) instead of 30
- Fixed crash with the map "Nebula Gate"
- Fixed a minor sound file loading problem
- Game mechanic
- Breen research now remains unlocked if a Breen vessel ranks up
- Some weapon effects were blocking station construction while firing
- Maysons Eraudi Yards got their 30 second delays back
- Fixed a bug causing special abilities to sometimes consume one point
more energy as intended
- Several location-bound area weapons dealt too much damage
- The initial Dominion Worker Ships are now free as intended
- Veteran Dominion Tetryon Spread now works as intended

4. Guide

The unofficial Fleet Operations Guide can
be found at

Updated FAQs are available at

5. Additional Credits
Special Thx to...
all the people around the world who sent in bug reports and suggestions.
Deemon for his Prometheus
Fahres for his Intrepid
Juhan Uus for permission to use his image art for Fleet Operations
madshi for great development support
Nullsoft and the NSIS Development Team for their great support
Cleeve for his Vorcha textures
Dak Phoenix for allowing us to use his Phalanx design
MasterOfLan for offering webspace to host our big stuff :)
Dragi for his nice icons for the Map Manager and FO Patcher
Andrew J. Hodges for his Borg "Prime Sphere" design
William Burningham for his B'rel textures
damnedest creature for voice acting
COB, DarkestVorlon, Eufnoc, Overlord, SisQ, Trekki, admiralmax, Eximus,
General_Martok, hyperion, omega, riker47988, Sfera, volume, zeich, Uberdan,
Jan, Black Baron and all the others we might forgot to mention :)

6. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from
you. For reporting bugs, please visit our forum.


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#1 BenGriggs 2010-01-20 09:59
i installed this patch but now it crashes when i load a saved game. Help please?
#2 TParis 2010-01-20 10:23
I guess old save games from 3.10 are not compatible
#3 BenGriggs 2010-01-20 11:40
I loaded a saved game from 3.1.1 and it still crashed
#4 TParis 2010-01-20 11:45
Report the bug in the official FleetOps forums then please.
#5 Nero91 2010-02-27 22:17
Incredible mod, it makes Armada II seem like new again. My only gripe would be that the Federation feels a hair underpowered, but aside from that I love everything about Fleet Ops.
#6 jojobe 2010-06-15 19:34
the mod very good better then the orginal so that says somthing very good about the modding group. As someone said before it literally gave the game a new life span. out of 10 this games a 10. Ive played this game more then once.


1. New ship types

2. Choose your admiral at the start of the game.

3. Explosions and effects.

4. Challenge rating.

5. The dominon is made perfectly. great ships all around.

6. The borg are a force to recon with. they have very powerful ships if not over powered but the challenge rating against them is good in my book. if you dont stay on top of the borg early on it will be too late. Even though they have wiped me a couple of times.


1. the klingons AI build order is errored. they are always the first group to go. Klingons build structure in front of there bases. These structures are vulnerable and easy to attack.

2. Klingons have to build a lot of structures compared to other races.

3. The attack formations are very bad. for example the borg fleet generally will attack in a large defendable mass. how ever your ships cant do that they form a spread out square formation which only half of the ships are able to attack. the ships in the back just sit and wait till the ships out front are destroyed then they are able to fire. You end up having to fight with the weaker long ranged ships. It would be nice if you were able to select attack and all ships would move into firing range.

4. somegames the system would crash with out of memory errors.

5. Romulan war bird is too weak. To the point that its a joke.

6. the flag ship of federation sovereign star ship is too weak as well. the special weapons were not good. At one point I didnt even bother to use them. I forgot the name of the call in star ships for the federation. But this class is what the sovereign should be or at least close to in defense stats. I would say at least 20 if not 30 in defense since the weapons are not that great.

7. There were no Cardassian ( i hope i spelled that right). I like those guys.
#7 jojobe 2010-06-16 13:43
it seems that i have been playing an older version of the game. They have a new version released on there website. 3.12

the new version. what can i say, how can you improve on perfection. Stil have some of the same issues with the random crashing after 2 or 3 hours of game play.( These guys are so talented that they have included a bug report you can send them.) With this new patch some ships got some cool upgrades. The borg did get a slight nerf stick which was good but it was slight lol. They sitl have some hard ships to beat. But still all around they did a dam good job. im shocked that activision does not take notice and have them make armada 3. Good job guysRock
#8 Dominus_Noctis 2010-07-22 07:52
Can you post your concern in the Fleet Ops forum please Jojobe? :-)

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