Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.0.5 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.0.5

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FleetOps Team, 2009-04-05

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Fleet Operations - Armada II Total Conversion Patch
Copyright (C) 2003-2009 Fleet Operations Development Team


Version 3.0.5 8th March, 2009

- General
- The AI will now use cloaking
- Some changes to the AI attack behavior
- Federation
- The Saber Class gets now higher Offensive Value bonuses through rank-ups,
but reduced Defensive Value bonuses
- The Torpedo Platform (Admiral Mayson) is now artillery range. Costs
slightly increased
- Dominion
- The Fighter Energy Core Upgrade can now be acquired even if you already have
the maximum number of carriers
- Borg
- Holding Beam Special Ability does now transport 4/8/12/16 drones per
second (bf.: 2/4/6/8) but consumes 175 special energy per second (bf.: 75).
The Starbase Holding Beam granted through Collective Features has also been
adjusted respectively
- Auto Assimilator Special Ability does now assimilate 4/8/12 drones per
second (bf.: 2/4/6) but consume 115 special energy per second (bf.: 50)
- Romulan
- Rei´karansu Covert-Ops Team (Tavara Class Warbird) special energy costs
reduced to 250 (bf.: 400)
- Cloaking Generator costs decreased to 600 dilithium and 300
tritanium (bf.: 800 / 400)
- The Intelligence Center now gains experience from deploying agents and will
gain higher defense and a higher special energy pool with each rank-up.
Costs increased to 1000 dilithium and 500 tritanium (bf.: 600 / 300)
- Sleeper Agent (Intelligence Center) special energy costs increased
to 375 (bf.: 290) and does now cost 3 supplies. Grants expierence to
the Intelligence Center
- Sabotage (Intelligence Center) replaced with the Saboteur Agent special
ability (600 special energy and 10 supplies). The Saboteur Agent has a
chance to eliminate a vessel which has an active Sleeper Agent onboard.
Grants expierence to the Intelligence Center
- Spy (Intelligence Center) special energy costs increased to 1000
(bf.: 380). Is now the officer ability of the Intelligence Center
- Avatars
- General Helev will now reduce the experience required for the Intelligence
Center to level up instead of reducing the special energy costs of
Sabotage, Spy and Sleeper Agent

- Fixed a crash that could occur when issuing orders while a vessel is
leveling up
- Allied race requirement is now correctly not satisfied if your ally has
been eliminated
- Fixed Admiral Maysons Mediterranean Tooltip
- Fixed the invalid Breen Large Yard Construction menu
- Federation Platform addon hotkeys are working properly now

The full chancelog can be found in the readme file after installation.

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