Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.0.4 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Patch 3.0.4

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FleetOps Team, 2009-04-05

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Fleet Operations - Armada II Total Conversion Patch
Copyright (C) 2003-2009 Fleet Operations Development Team


Version 3.0.4 5th March, 2009
- A complete new Klingon Heavy Weapon Platform model along with new weaponry

- General
- Credits costs have been removed. All vessels which did cost credits
prevously are now limited. Some unit prices have been adjusted
- You do no longer need to toggle into mixed-tech mode on captured vessels.
Build menus are instantly updated
- Federation
- Changed the probability to get certain Warp-In vessels. At a very low
chance you may now even get two "large" Warp-In vessels like Galaxies
- Romulan
- The Cloaking Generator itself may now also cloak
- Borg
- Weapon Subsystem is now indestructible, but may still be disabled due to
the effects of special weapons

- Fixed two severe issues causing 'out of sync' problems in multiplayer games
- Fixed broken Graphic Options dialog from 3.0.3
- Ship caps are now also accounted for vessels that are under construction
- Craft system damage is now correctly applied after vessel upgrade or rankup
- Fixed a save game loading crash
- Cloaked vessels could not be attacked when revealed by a sensor station
- The Klingon AI is now able to advance through its complete tech-tree
- Fixed invalid selection area for the Klingon Field Yard
- Fixed some asteroid belts on variouse maps
- The Extend Supply Routes hotkey is working now
- Borg Assimilators may now correctly use the High Energy Slizer
Collective Feature

The full chancelog can be found in the readme file after installation.

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