Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.1.0 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.1.0

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FleetOps Team, 2010-01-10

IMPORTANT: The multimedia pack, including all the music for the mod, can be downloaded from the FleetOps website.
Please visit the official FleetOps forums to report bugs & balancing issues and to obtain technical support.

Grab the latest FleetOps patch 3.1.2 from HERE.

I guess some of you have been waiting some time for this - the patch with the longest development span since the release of Fleet Operations 3.0 is now available for download.
You thought this would be 3.0.8? You are wrong. We have decided to make it 3.1.0 instead. This major sub-release of version 3.0 does includes a number of important features and gives us the foundation for some exiting future content we have in development for you.
Despite the changelog speaks mostly for itself i'd like to highlight some of the additions with this patch. The good old ingame interface, which has been largely untouched since Fleet Operations 1.0 was released in 2003 now finally got it's deserved update. The new interface is not just a new "skin" but also has gotten some technical updates. It is now possible to select up to 30 vessels at a time instead of the previous 16 limit.
We have also taken on the inflexible cloaking system that Armada 2 provided us. Instead of having just one level of cloak that is always detectable by any sensor station, we now have different stages of cloak. That is quite comparable what you find in the shows where some races have cloaking devices which can be detected far more easily than for example the ones being used by the Romulans.
3.1.0 features also some important balancing changes. We have dug through a lot of input regarding balancing that you have made in our forums and combined some of the best of your ideas in this patch. Thanks for all your input, enjoy 3.1.0.

Map Makers: Please note that there have been changes to the bzn file format. That means, previously made maps can currently not be used with 3.1.0. That does not mean your work is lost. Your maps created for 3.0.7 have to be patched. Info on how to do that will be updated here soon.

3.1.0 is a full install. A previous installation of Fleet Operations or Armada II is NOT required. An incremental patch from version 3.0.7 is not available.

[- DOCa Cola]

Fleet Operations Version 3.1.0 - Armada II Total Conversion
Copyright (C) 2003-2010 Fleet Operations Development Team
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Changelog
4. Guide
5. Additional Credits
6. Contact Information
1. Introduction
Fleet Operations is a popular multiplayer orientated modification for
Activision's Star Trek Armada II. The project target was not only to create a
simple "modification" but trying to make Armada II a worthy successor to the
second best selling Star Trek game Star Trek: Armada (behind Interplay's
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by a small, but fair margin).

As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of
Armada I should be, we started to change the philosophy of the game. The
objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root.
We do not believe in the sense of creating big fleets within seconds and battles
based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced
weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship
should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game.
We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single
new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the
possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships.
We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields,
more animated star maps to increase perception of the game.

2. Features
Key features of the current Release

- 5 races including Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
- Each race features 2 Avatars supporting your preferred tactic
- Over 200 brand new ship and station models
- All new multiplayer maps in realistic environments
- Long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects
- Ship experience and level-up system
- Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence
- Dynamic Game User Interface
- Reworked balance system
- New Soundtracks (Multimedia Pack)
- Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required
- Latest Armada II Patch included - based on Star Trek Armada II Patch 1.2
- Widescreen, enhanced multi-monitoring and build-in multisampling support
- Windows Vista UAC compliant
- Integrated Map Manager
- and much more....

3. Changelog
Version 3.1.0 10th January 2009

- Game in-game interface complete overhaul
- Brand new interface graphics
- Detailed weapon and system information in single ship display
- Up to 30 selectable vessels (bf: 16)
- New Font
- Be warned, AI players may now build special units of all avatars
- Further improved AI weapon usage
- A new Klingon research option is available: Large Scale Cloaking Devices.
Take a look at the Imperial Research for details
- As honor and experience plays an important role for the Klingons, their supply
system has been changed: Klingon vessels will now refund a fraction of their
supply costs with each level up. Normal supply routes upgrades are more costy
for them. Qapla'!
- A complete new cloak and cloak detection! Detectors will now send out a
tachyon ping, that reveals cloaked vessels. But stay alert! There are reports
of some Romulan vessels using advanced cloaking, that is not detectable by
normal pings
- Many passive abilities have been changed or renamed and a lot of new passive
abilities have been added to vessels.
- AI now uses allied repair contracts
- Cease fire option now also available in Skirmish mode
- Improved 'physics' for the Dominion Attack Destroyer Collision ability
- Map Editor: Added 'simple mode' to the gameobject inspector
- Integrated online update check
- Reimplemented support for some special characters in chat mode
- Updated models/textures or complete remakes
- Federation Galaxy Class
- Federation Norway Class
- Federation Nebula Class
- Federation Fighters
- Klingon B'rel Class
- Klingon K'Vort Class
- Klingon Attack Probe

- Graphic settings are now set to 'high' by default. Default resolution is
determined by chosen desktop setting.
- General
- Stations (including turrets) will now chose their targets automatically
and ignore given attack orders. Special Weapons will still require
interaction of the player, of course. This change also fixes several
issues where stations or turrets stopped to fire
- Intelligence Report and Tachyon scan have been moved from the main
starbases to the sensor stations (or the Borg Probe)
- Vessels cannot be traded anymore when they are affected by a Romulan Spy
or Klingon Graviton Mine
- Slight changes in global construction costs and movement speeds,
especially on short-range vessels, in order to give those units a better
stand against long-range-kiting. Many short range vessels are much faster
now, in order to give each faction certain anti-kite vessels. Scouts move
faster now too
- Fighters are now launched automatically and will guard their carrier.
You do no longer need to manually launch fighters and they don't cost
resources anymore
- Most special weapons that cause the unit to enter a different mode do now
have a 10 second cooldown
- Refits may now be purchased while the unit is cloaked
- Troopships are now capped at a maximum of 10
- When a shipyard has been successfully boarded, it now loses it's allied
repair contact upgrade
- Analyze Alien Technology in Mixed-Tech Yards now costs more resources and
takes longer to research
- Recycling starships or stations now yields the correct amounts of resources
(calculated with uniform formulas), including tritanium
- Main base weapon upgrades bonus increased to 30 (bf.: 20) and defense
upgrade bonus increased to 90 (bf.: 60)
- Avatars
- Borg Assimilate Collective: Connections costs reduction for Assimilators
decreased to 20 percent (bf.: 50 percent)
- Federation Admiral Risner: System Value bonus for Eraudi-Yard vessels
reduced to 4, but now also grants a small Offensive Value bonus epending
on the military status of a vessel (bf.: only plus 5 System Value)
- Borg
- Probe's Devestating Attack damage and energy costs reduced
- "Resistance is futile" costs increased to 500 dilithium and 700 tritanium
(bf.: 400 / 400), but may now be purchased repeatedly
- Beam Modules now only add the ability to strike at two targets. The
individual beams deal more damage. Additional Beam Modules do now also
add damage reduction from beam weapons (13% per module). Costs increased
- Direct hull damage caused by Torpedo Modules is now affected by damage
reduction effects. Additional Torpedo Modules do now also add damage
reduction from torpedo weapons (9% per module). Costs increased
- Holding Beam Modules do now also add damage reduction from special weapons
(20% per module). Costs increased
- Tactical Armor Modules now decrease damage received based on the Offensive
Value of attackers. the weaker the the attack is, the less damage is
received. Costs increased (bf.: beam damage reduction)
- Nanites no longer disturb the interface, but have a chance for subsystem
failure. Special energy costs increased to 600 for the Cube and 700 for the
Diamond (bf.: 400 / 500)
- Order to Chaos energy costs increased to 770 (bf.: 717)
- Dominion
- Collision base damage reduced. The damage will now increase with each rank
of the Attack Destroyer. Deals half damage to civil targets and stations.
There is now also a chance of collision to fail
- B-5 Battle Cruiser officer ability Extended Hangars changed to increase the
maximum number of fighters by 1 / 2
- Fighter Energy Core Upgrades now increase all attributes by 5 and increases
damage to stations by 50 percent (bf.: 2 and 20 percent). Costs increased
- Active Tachyon Defense has been converted into a passive advanced tachyon
- B-5 Battle Cruiser Prototypes no longer count to the fightercarrier cap
- Energy Beacon no longer affects targets that may use Energy Beacon on
their own. Cooldown removed
- Cascade Feedback will now only affect up to 5 individual targets
- IS Bomb will now only affect up to 5 individual targets
- Alpha Ketracel White shotdelay boost reduced to 30 percent (bf.: 45).
Energy costs increased to 114 (bf.: 96)
- EM Blast will now only affect up to 3 individual targets. Shotdelay malus
reduced to 50 percent (bf.: 100). Energy costs decreased to 260 (bf.: 340)
- Federation
- The Mixed-Tech Monsoon (Borg) passive ability Tactical Armor has been
adjusted acording to the Tactical Armor changes for the Borg. See above
- Avalon Class carriers (Admiral Risner) only require level 2 chassis to
be built (bf.: level 3)
- Hyperimpulse Drive speed bonus increased, but has a 30 second cooldown now
- Avalon Class officer ability Elite Squadrons will now increase the damage
dealt by fighters to small units by 30 / 60 percent (bf.: fighter
deployment time reduction)
- Beam and Pulse Platform have switched positions in the techtree and in
their strategic lineup
- Sensor Blackout will now only affect up to 5 individual targets. Shotdelay
malus reduced to 35 percent (bf.: 75). Energy costs increased
to 429 (bf.: 256)
- Increased the movement speed reduction of Energy Rerouting
- Increased the movement speed reduction of Tricobalt Triloader. Energy costs
reduced, duration reduced to 5 seconds (bf.: 6) and costs 3 supplies
to be activated
- Organize Defense has been removed, but additional passive abilities have
been added to the Torpedo Platform to compensate
- Emergency Power no longer affects targets that may use Emergency Power
on their own
- Distortion Field will now only affect up to 5 individual targets. Damage
per target increased slightly
- Vector Calculation energy costs increased to 425 (bf.: 73)
- Barrage will now only affect up to 4 individual targets
- Klingon
- The Qaw'Duj class has a new replacement for Sword of Kahless - Imperial
Stance: Gains +3 to all attributes and becomes immune to most special
- Bortas' Class Attack Probes cost supplies to be deployed now, but are
permanent and may be targetted and destroyed. As the probe no longer has
a duration, the officer abilities have been adjusted
- Scrambling Probe duration reduced to 60 seconds (bf.: 80) and
system-failure durations reduced to 4 seconds (bf.: 5). Supply costs
increased to 4 (bf.: 3) and energy costs reduced to 114 (bf.: 129)
- Cho'naQ Class damage per second increased slightly
- Field of Fire will now only affect up to 5 individual targets. Energy
costs have been adjusted
- Scrambling Probe will now only affect up to 5 individual targets
- Battle Plan energy costs increased to 50 per second (bf.: 25)
- Condensed Proton Warheads will now only affect up to 4 individual targets
- Romulan
- The Saeihr's Concave Plasma Coils special ability damage bonus on particle
weapons has been converted into a pure Offensive Value bonus for better
comperability. This leads to a total +25 Offensive Value bonus. Special
Energy costs slightly adjusted to 183 (bf.: 187). May now be used while
cloaked and no longer disables cloaking
- Plasma Bolt minimum shot delay increased to 15 seconds (bf.: 10)
- Multi Purpose Weapons may now be toggeled while cloaked
- Rhienn Class Refits have been moved to the Upgrade Facility along with their
special ability research. Rhienn Refits grant much higher attribute bonuses
now. Costs increased. Both refits will now also increase the crew of the Rhienn
- Refined Pulse Disruptors (Rhienn Class, officer rank) will now increase the
reload time of pulse disruptors, but the damage got increased
- The Talon Class Refit now increases defensive value by 5, emits a mobile
Tachyon Ping, but has no longer cloaking ability
- Research Institute construction costs increased to 600 Dilithium and
300 Tritanium (bf.: 400 / 200). Techtree contribution increased
- Tal'Shiar Academy construction costs increased to 600 Dilithium and
300 Tritanium (bf.: 400 / 200). Techtree contribution increased.
Does now require the Staryard to be built
- D'deridex type Warbird shield regeneration rate increased by 5 percent
- Sensor Jammer will now only affect up to 8 individual targets. Damage per
target increased. Energy costs have been adjusted
- Stealth Field will now only affect up to 10 individual targets. Shotdelay
malus reduced to 10 percent (bf.: 25) and duration reduced
to 10 seconds (bf.: 15). Energy costs increased to 345 (bf.: 326)

- Either the 1280x960 or 1280x1024 resolution wasn't available on some
systems where both resolutions are supported by the hardware
- Cloaking animation doesn't 'jump' anymore when a cloaked vessel levels up
- Fixed some more "double-click selection" issues
- Fixed a minor display issue of the map's name in the game setup screen
with game settings on default
- The game lock checkbox in the advanced options dialog in multiplayer now
correctly states "Game closed" instead of "Game open"
- Fixed some invalid rank display on several ships
- Fixed Avatar icon being missing after loading a savegame
- When focused on a vessel in tactical mode, the focus would be lost when the
vessel was being upgraded or gained a new rank
- In tactical view rank icons or healthbars of distant vessels could be seen
that were not in render radius
- Disabled Armada 2's gameobject mouse over delay to solve the issue of
giving move or attack commands unintentionally
- Fixed several tooltip issues and typos. Thanks for reporting!
- Added the range overlay to many special weapons that didn't had one yet
- Klingon Scrambling Probe subsystem failure is now in sync with the
optical effect
- Fixed some minimap issues on low graphic settings
- Fixed the gameobject inspector in map editor mode not taking the
full window height
- Fixed a rare game startup crash
- Map Editor: It was not possible to set a Wormhole's name
- Game mechanic
- Fixed some formulas causing inconsistant damage to be dealt to certain
ship classes
- Changed the formulas for calculation rate of fire reductions. A 100%
reduction of fire rates results in a doubled reload time between shots
- Fixed a bug causing Dominion Cascade Feedback to deal too much damage and
to consume too much special weapon energy
- Effects which are based on the weapons of a unit (for example on the number
of special abilities) do now work properly and are capped
at a maximum effect
- Under some circumstances, vessels lost their previously given command when
leveling up
- A vessel doesn't lose it's guard target anymore when the guarded vessel
levels up or is being upgraded
- Vessels don't get stuck in repair queue anymore when their current shields
value exceed the intended maximum
- Klingon mixed-tech K'Vorts (Federation) will now have a correct evasive
chance to be missed on all ranks
- Klingon Attack Probe deals correct damage now
- Dominion Fighters have the correct - reduced - attribtues now
- Federation Warp-In vessels sometimes were delayed or never transferred
to a player
- Federation Warp-In vessels sometimes were sent to a wrong location
- Federation Warp-In vessels were created with the same damage ratio as
Starfleet Command
- Federation Warp-In is now usable during the "cease fire" phase
- Federation Saber Class vessels have the correct dodge chances now
- The Romulan Talon Repair Refit cannot repair anymore when its cloaking
device is active
- Some attack modes were unintentionally deactivated when a vessel lost its
weapon control system
- Dominion Collision special weapon shouldn't be able to "track" cloaked
targets anymore
- Romulan Mixed-Tech Generix Class Frigates (Federation) will keep its
Critical Shot ability on higher ranks
- Romulan Mixed-Tech Serkas Class (Dominion) vessels will now keep their
Mixed-Tech bonuses when leveling up
- It is no longer possible to research Breen technologies on a captured
Dominion Technology Lab
- Officer rank Federation Remore Class vessels no longer reduce damage of
non-special weapons that consume special weapon energy to be fired
- Romulan Multi Purpose Weapons consume the correct amounts of special
energy on all ranks
- A Borg Diamond's Nanites consume the correct amount of special energy now
- The Superiority Fighter and Superiority Destroyer passive abilities
work as intended now
- All Avalon class ranks do now count to the unit limit
- Fixed an exploit allowing players to remove the footprint of stations
in certain situations
- Klingon Cho'naQ Class vessels may now deactive their Energy Buffers
on Veteran rank
- Federation Excelsior Class vessels no longer suddenly lose all their
special weapon energy
- Romulan veteran Experimental Pulse Disruptors work correctly against
cruisers now
- Romulan Mixed-Tech Leahval Class (Federation) vessels no longer gain
invalid weaponry if Advanced Energy Reeling is activated
- Norexan Class vessels deal now correct damage on all ranks for all avatars
- D'deridex Class vessels deal now correct damage on veteran rank
for all avatars
- Romulan Shrike Class vessels now actually have medium weapon range
as intended
- Klingon Vor'cha Class ships deal consistent damage
- Romulan Mixed-Tech Rhienn Class (Klingon) is now medium range as intended
- Romulan Spectre-Generix Veterans do now fire their weapons at correct
weapon ranges and deal correct damage
- Dominion Battlecruisers may now correctly upgraded if reaching veteran rank
- Timed shield disabling effects were not correctly applied to a vessel while
being upgraded or gaining a new rank
- Vessels were able to use a destroyed weapon system after gaining a new rank
- Fixed several maps
- Destiny Board
- No Way Out
- Clear Sky

- Backward compatibility for most 3rd party Armada 2 SOD model files improved
to allow usage without further file modifications
- Added switch to enable Single Player campaign screen button. Note: Requires
some bitmap and bink files from stock Armada 2 (otherwise it will crash)


4. Guide

The unofficial Fleet Operations Guide can
be found at

Updated FAQs are available at

5. Additional Credits
Special Thx to...
all the people around the world who sent in bug reports and suggestions.
Deemon for his Prometheus
Fahres for his Intrepid
Juhan Uus for permission to use his image art for Fleet Operations
madshi for great development support
Nullsoft and the NSIS Development Team for their great support
Cleeve for his Vorcha textures
Dak Phoenix for allowing us to use his Phalanx design
MasterOfLan for offering webspace to host our big stuff :)
Dragi for his nice icons for the Map Manager and FO Patcher
Andrew J. Hodges for his Borg "Prime Sphere" design
William Burningham for his B'rel textures
damnedest creature for voice acting
COB, DarkestVorlon, Eufnoc, Overlord, SisQ, Trekki, admiralmax, Eximus,
General_Martok, hyperion, omega, riker47988, Sfera, volume, zeich, Uberdan,
Jan, Black Baron and all the others we might forgot to mention :)

6. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from
you. For reporting bugs, please visit our forum.


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this mod is 2nd to none!
#12 Sovereign_73811 2010-01-29 09:11

I have to play it to9 believe it...
:D 10/10!
#13 Adster2008 2010-03-13 04:22
This is a fabulous, absolutly fabulous, this is a must download for anyone!

Fab graphics! Love the ships of all races! Fab game play

This completely rocks, 10/10 Rock
Drink 8)
#14 WerdBorg 2010-04-26 06:50
This mod has a huge bug :sad: I have just lost 3 Save Data's which have now corrupted somehow :sad:
#15 Washuluver87 2010-06-03 22:15
Before I download using my new computer I must know if this works with Windows 7.
#16 Dominus_Noctis 2010-06-15 06:03
Of course it does Washuluver87 :-)
#17 VoyagerRules 2010-07-05 18:50
The updated graphics and general new flow to A2 turns it into a brand new game. Cheers! Drink

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