Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.0 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.0

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FleetOps Team, 2008-12-15

IMPORTANT: The multimedia pack, including all the music for the mod, can be downloaded from the FleetOps website.
Please visit the official FleetOps forums to report bugs & balancing issues and to obtain technical support.

The latest patch (3.02) reactivating the save function can be found here.

After more than 2 years since the last release and about 8 years (!) of development beginning with Armada 1 in 2000 here is the first final version of the highly anticipated Fleet Operations modification for Armada 2, running great on Vista machines and including full widescreen support.

FleetOps V3 comes with 5 playable and unique races: the Federation, Klingons, Romulans and the Borg, already known from stock Armada 1 & 2. The newcomer race is the Dominion, coming with its own voice set and soundtrack (which is included in the new Multimedia pack for FleetOps).

The mod is also known for its radical changes of the stock Armada 2 gameplay. It ends up with having no warp, no planets to colonize and collect metal from and the removal of 3D space. Overall FleetOps is also much slower that the original game's one and the ships & stations can take a lot more damage. But we already know those changes from past versions, so what's new here?

The first thing most people will notice are the redone and improved menus. The main menu has no animations left like those of Armada 1 & 2 or old versions of FleetOps. Buttons are clearly aligned and easy to find now, but it does not look as great as the old one due to the missing animations - a matter of taste. The option menus received some useful additions though, for example anti-aliasing in the graphics menu and a much more detailed map selection screen in the game setup.

For the first time ever seen in a Armada game there is a rank system for ships. Destroying enemy forces results in being promoted up to 4 times. Promoted ships have enhanced offensive and defensive values - this causes you to take much more care of your "improved" vessels.

Sound and graphics are just stunning, especially if consider that this the Armada engine we are talking about. Objects in space like planets (only serving as background object though), suns, asteroid belts and most nebula types look fantastic. Also the ships and stations are very well done (although some textures could have gotten a higher resolution). And then the explosions - what a fest to the eye! The team has even added a "screen rumbling effect" to the those. And of course the shuttle traffic between your stations from the last version is still there.

Last but not least comes the enhanced map editor, which has many improved and more detailed windows & options and is directly accessable from the FleetOps main menu.

Sadly, the amount of changes resulted in a defective save function, which had to be disabled. The team promised to work on this problem and to reactivate saving in a future patch.

So what are you waiting for? Download ASAP! Rock

- TParis

Fleet Operations Version 3.0 - Armada II Total Conversion
Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Fleet Operations Development Team
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Changelog
4. FAQ
5. Additional Credits
6. Contact Information
1. Introduction
Fleet Operations is a popular multiplayer orientated modification for
Activision's Star Trek Armada II. The project target was not only to create a
simple "modification" but trying to make Armada II a worth successor to the
second best selling Star Trek game Star Trek: Armada (behind Interplay's
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by a small, but fair margin).

As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of
Armada I should be, we started to change the philosophy of the game. The
objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root.
We do not believe in the sense of creating big fleets within seconds and battles
based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced
weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship
should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game.
We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single
new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the
possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships.
We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields,
more animated star maps to increase perception of the game.

2. Features
Key features of the current Release

- 5 races including Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
- Each race features 2 Avatars supporting your preferred tactic
- Over 200 brand new ship and station models
- All new multiplayer maps in realistic environments
- Long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects
- Ship experience and level-up system
- Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence
- Dynamic Game User Interface
- Reworked balance system
- New Soundtracks (Multimedia Pack)
- Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required
- Latest Armada II Patch included - based on Star Trek Armada II Patch 1.2 Project
- Widescreen, enhanced multi-monitoring and build-in multisampling support
- Windows Vista UAC compliant
- Integrated Map Manager
- and much more....

3. Changelog
Version 3.0 15th December, 2008

- Civil units were still be damaged by some abilities which shouldn't
- Units which cost credits can no longer be transfered to an ally
- Fixed several tooltip errors
- Units do now show their correct subsystems in the mini selection
- Fixed a bug causing avatar bonuses to not properly apply to avatar units
- Fixed an exploit with the Dominion Collision special ability
- Fixed a bug causing the Klingon Attack Probe special ability to crash the game
- Romulan Plasma Torpedo special ability consumed to less energy
- Fixed some vanilla Armada 2 flaws for path-finding
- Fixed some vanilla Armada 2 bugs allowing AI players to attack cloaked units
- AIs now can build Harvesting stations next to Tritanium Moons without
disassembling them afterwards
- Special vessels cannot be traded with other players in multiplayer anymore
- The tactical view camera has a stopping point at the top and bottom of the
screen again. That feature was bugged in the Armada 2 1.1 patch.
- Fixed an Armada 2 bug causing either a crash and/or out of sync when having
more than 900 object defintion files in use
- Points given to players in the debriefing data screen for vessel kills should
now make a lot more sense
- Vessels shouldn't bump into their targets anymore when an attack is initiated
- Vessels now use the correct value to slow down when nearing their target
- Level 2 Shield upgrades now increases shields hitpoints instead of doing
- Civilian and cloaked vessels now don't target enemy vessels anymore
- AI players now correctly evaluate enemy vessel threat values
- Vessels don't open fire on enemy vessels anymore which you are currently
- AI players now can correctly recrew ships which have this ability
- Many shield disabling effects have been fixed to not disable a vessels shield
longer than intended
- Artillery vessels don't open fire anymore while using a special weapon with
manual target location
- Fixed graphics flicker when using bump mapped models
- Fixed a bug that causes weapons to hit the root hardpoint instead of a
designated hit hardpoint of vessel
- Fixed a multiplayer exploit that allowed to remote-build stations across a map
- Fixed "Sorry, there is not enough memory to continue" under Windows x64 systems
- Fixed a crash to desktop due to an stack overflow while starting the game
- Windows Vista Multiplayer/Online gaming crash fix

- Many new models and texture improvements or complete reworks
- Torpedo-, pulse- and beam-based special abilities do now have a normalized
reload time of 5 seconds
- Adjusted the construction times of many units, especially destroyers
- Adjusted the attributes and costs of many units, especially battleships
- Many special abilities got their behaivor and effects changed
- The number of supplies required to build units has been increased but
the amount you start with and get through Supply Routes has also
been adjusted
- Balance changes:
- All Starbases may now mark cloaked vessels on the mini-map
- You will now get 2 free constructors after selecting an avatar
- All Support Vessels do now feature increased energy regeneration rates
- Special Energy
- Special Energy is now a precise number that increases with System Value
rather then a percentage
- Unit Limitations
- Some units are now unique, meaning you can only build one of them.
These are:
- Romulan Intelligence Center
- Romulan Cloaking Generator
- Klingon MoQbara' Station
- Repair Vessels are now limited to 3
- Fighter Carriers are now limited to 7
- Special vessel types
- Fighter Carriers got reworked and Troopships are now available
For more details visit
- All research is now permanent and will not be lost if losing the
corresponding research station
- All construction options are now limited to their race. That means
you can no longer build alien starships in captured yards
- Reduced the time it takes to repair damaged life-support

- Most Avatar bonuses have been rebalanced to achieve a better gameplay.
Their effects got increased in general, granting each avatar a deeper

- Plasma Coil Special Ability (Norway Class - Avatar: Admiral Mayson)
Relative damage per second increased, area increased,
duration reduced
- Defense Patterns Special Ability (Akira Class)
Mechanic reworked
- Platform
Federation Defense Platforms are now build from a basic Platform hub
- Phaser Platform
A new early-game Defense Platform has been added
- Sensor Satellite
Renamed to Sensor Platform
- Torpedo Platform
Does now require the Eraudi Yard, but its stats have been increased
- Distortion Field Special Ability (Sovereign Class)
Does now deal a small amount of damaged based on the targets speed
- Descent Class
The Descent got a complete rework, including new gameplay elements
and a new special ability
- Saber Class
A new special ability is available - the Hyper Impulse Drive
- Warp-In
A new Warp-In System is in place, including an earlier availability
of the Descent and the Avalon
- Warp-In Vessels
All vessels do now have their own special abilities
- Sensor Blackout Special Ability (Canaveral Class)
Effect greatly increased, range reduced, is now a target-area-effect
- Research
Special Ability research has been moved to the yards
Sensor Upgrades are now available at Star Fleet Science

- Shield Breaking Torpedo Special Ability
May no longer target stations
- NoQ'Duj Class
Is now equipped with the Superiority Fighter passive ability
- Sus'a' Class (Avatar: Chancellor Martok)
Is now correctly identified as short range
A new special ability is available - Last Ditch Assault
- Cho'naQ Class
Does now deal constant damage but consumes special weapon energy
A new special ability is available - Energy Buffer
- Veqlaragh Class (Avatar: TaQ'roja)
A new special ability is available - Alternative Armament
- Klingon K'beajQ Class
The K't'inga got out of date, here comes the replacement!
The K't'inga may still be gained by dispatching a Topmay's storage
- Vor'cha
Is now considered a battleship rather then a cruiser
- Vutpa'
May now be upgraded into a Troopship

- Sensor Jammer Special Ability (Griffin Class - Avatar: General Helev)
Deals a small portion of damage based on sensorrange
- Norexan Class
The Multi Purpose Weapons are now an active special ability
- Rhienn Refits
Booth Rhienn Refits got new passive abilities
- Tavara Class
The Tavara Class may now be upgraded similar to main bases
- Cloaking Generator
The Cloaking Generator now longer requires tech prerequisites and
got its credits costs reduced to 2
It does now allow to use Stationary Cloak on all starbases rather
then its old effect
- D'deridex Class
The D'deridex got a new, defensive passive ability and his Defensive
Value got boosted. It's now considered the more durable one of the
warbird family
- Cehlaer Class
All stats increased
- Phase Cloak Special Ability (Generix Class Dreadnought Refit)
Replaced by a new ability: Combat-Cloak
- Intelligence Center
A new special ability is available - the Sleeper Agent
- Generix Refits
The attribute bonuses granted by refits have been increased
- Generix Class - Dreadnought Refit
Renamed to Spectre Refit

- The relative construction time of all prototypes has been reduced
- Prototypes may no longer use special abilities
- Raised the overall Dilithium and Tritanium prices for vessels
- Workerships
Mining Mode Workerships may now switch into a Supply Mining submode.
Vessels in Supply Mining mode will only dock on Ketracel Synthesizers
to ease organisation. They will also show the precise Supply Value
they will produce in their selection info. Mining Supply takes much
less time then dilithium mining, but deploying it at the
Synthesizer will take much longer. This allows parallel mining
- Perimeter
May now be upgraded similar to the new starbase upgrades
One of the upgrades features a anti-destroyer area weapon
- A new Troopship is available: The B-8 War Frigate
- Disabled Game splash screen
- Game Shell
- Complete graphic overhaul
- New non-animated main menu
- Enhanced Option Menus
- New Instant Action/Multiplayer Map Selection
- now locked at 32bpp instead of 16bpp
- Game Interface
- Improved Special Weapon button display when having more than one
vessel selected
- Increased number of special weapon/action buttons shown
- Default game font color now white instead of green
- Tooltips
- Are now semi-transparent
- Crew cost info has been removed
- Cursor scaling disabled
- Switched to Billinear rendering mode
- Changed size and color of blocks in "Grid view"
- Colors of game resources have been slightly altered
- Multiplayer trading screen has better adjusted default values for the new
resources used
- Cinematic camera switch speed reduced
- Vessel Warp effect strech disabled
- Armada engine memory handling with a large number of object definition
files has been improved
- Modern CPU instruction set optimized Armada engine functions
- GameSpy Lobby
Fleet Operations uses it's own GameSpy lobby instead of the Armada 2 lobby.
So it should be easier for you to find other Fleet Operations players.

New Features:
- The Borg are back, prepare for assimilation!
- Complete new shield effects are included with specific animations for
each race
- Added new audio content (Dominion voicesets, special weapons and much more)
- Several UI improvements
- Many new special effects, including dynamic light sources for objects
- Complete new AI with new features and possibilities
- Mixed Tech and Technology Trade
You will now be able to gain special units by capturing alien technology
For more details visit
- Starbase Upgrades
Starbases can now be upgraded in Offense and Defense
For more details visit
- Experience System
All military vessels do now gain experience in combat and will level up
to reach higher ranks.
For more details visit
- Game Interface
- Overhauled Vessel Selection Display
- Healthbars optimized for better visiblity
- Healthbars are now always visible on friendly damaged vessels
- Reintroduced the damaged systems display from Armada 1
- Construction bars are now visible when hovering producers
- Unit selection cursor rectangle now semi transparent and colored
- An icon next to the resource display shows your selected Avatar
- A green circle shows the sensor range of a station while placing it from
a constructor
- Hovering the sensor or weapon icon in the vessel info display shows their
ranges around the vessels
- Screenshots
- "Cleanshot": New interface-free screenshot mode: Ctrl + Alt + P
- Screenshots are now saved in the more space friendly PNG file format
instead of BMP.
- Game Loader rewritten from scratch
- Integrated Map Manager/Editor
- New Map Settings dialog
- New Game Object Editor dialog
- Exception handling engine powered by madshi
- Custom graphic resolutions support
- Experimental native multisampling support
- Windows Vista UAC compiliant
Settings, Savegames and Logs are now saved in the Users Profile folder.
Screenshots are saved in the "My Pictures" folder
- Installer: Added an option to install without CD by using an existing
Armada 2 installation
- Modding related engine changes
- Gui files now make use of dynamic values to allow correct aspect ration
when using non-4:3 resolutions
- More interface elements can now be customized through the gui files
- Vessel names and class names color
- ship group label textcolor and backgroundcolor
- Colors of ingame resources
- Race specific selection rectangle color and transparency
- The new Avatar box
- Loading screen bar can now be customized with a special odf
- position can now be adjusted
- start and end color can now be defined
- start and end transparency can be defined
- loadbar direction can be adjusted
- Vessels created with the Utritium beam now have an AI (can be moved)
- All Gameobjects
New ODF commands: ignoreInterface, extraWeaponHardpoints, invincible,
ignoredAsTarget, invalidAsTarget, clearsFog, selectHighlight,
lightColor, lightFalloffStart, lightFalloffRange
- All Crafts
New ODF commands: ShieldHit, ShieldDown, ShieldAdd, ShieldSub,
ShieldSpecial1, ShieldSpecial2, ShieldSpecial3, ShieldSpecial4,
ShieldHitCritical, buildableByOwnerRaceOnly, requiredAlliedRace,
createFootprint, destroyFootprint, destroyMeWithResearchStation,
avatarBoxIcon, worthXP, nextrankXP, nextrankClass, XPlevel,
allowBuildQueuePop, showChoiceDialog, fleetCapFile,
SpecialEnergyDisplayMode, overlaySod, IamGameToTheDeathCondition,
constructionVoice, turnToFire, canShipyardRepair, perceivedNeutral
- ResearchStations
- can now be build with modules specified in their odf
that spawn build with the station
New ODF command: buildItemXprovided
- ResearchStations can now handle other objects besides pods as modules
- ResearchPod
New ODF command: isResearchedByYard
- Producers
All types of Producers can now handle more build items.
- Shipyards/Starbases
- a build queue can be defined in the odf that gets processed after the
shipyard is built
New ODF command: pushBuildItemX
- Shields
- Shield sod display geometry has been changed in order to allow better
- Shields aren't colored with the current vessels health color anymore
- All weapons
New ODF commands: overrideCeaseFire
- Special Weapons
- Special weapon buttons of the same type on a vessel are now shown both
- AreaEffectCannon
Now has 9 different target modes instead of 3 for handling cloaked vessels
and better target selection
- New weapons
- ReplaceWeapon
ODF commands: replacementMode, replacementkeepName, replacementSelect,
replacementInstantPlayer, replacementInstantDerelict,
replacementInstantAI, replacementDontRemoveFootprint, replacementEvent,
replacementFractionSOD, DilithiumCost, TritaniumCost, MetalCost,
SupplyCost, CrewCost, RequiredCredits, requiredDilithium,
requiredTritanium, requiredSupply, requiredMetal, requiredCrew,
replacementUseLabelAsClass, replacementResetCrew, replacementInstantDelay,
replacementKeepOwner, replacementXClassXPosition, replacementCreationType,
replacementWarpIn, replacementAfterWarpIn, replacementResetSpecialEnergy,
replacementInstantCycle, replacementMoveToTarget, replacementEnemyOfAll,
replacementMaintainOrders, replacementAnimate, replacementRegisterAsNew,
replacementIgnoreSameClass, replacementXClassYRandomWeight,
- ResourceWeapon
ODF commands: oneTimeMode, addDilithium, addDilithiumThreshold, addMetal,
addMetalThreshold, addCrew, addCrewThreshold, addTritanium,
addTritaniumThreshold, addSupply, addSupplyThreshold, alwaysActivePlayer,
- DetectorWeapon
ODF commands: DilithiumCost, MetalCost, CrewCost, TritaniumCost,
SupplyCost, MarkRadius, MarkShrink, MarkTime, MarkColor
- RepairWeapon
ODF commands: DilithiumCost, MetalCost, CrewCost, TritaniumCost,
SupplyCost, standbyTime, eventFire
- CloakingDeviceImp
ODF commands: disableShield, disableWeapons, phaseCloak,
- CloakingDeviceControl
ODF commands: disableShield, disableWeapons, phaseCloak, energyDrainRate
- RamWeapon
ODF commands: explosiondamage
- CannonImp
ODF commands: targetTerrainOnly
- Ordnance
- All ordnance
New ODF commands: explosionHit, explosionShieldHit, explosionSizeFactor,
explosionDuration, explosionSprite
- New Explosion type
- RumbleExplosion
ODF commands: rumbleDuration, rumbleArea, rumbleStrength
- Build caps/limitations can be created with FleetCap files
ODF commands: maxCap, fleetCapClassX, fleetCapClassXcapValue, capTooltip,
capTooltipReached, capTooltipOver, affectsAI, simpleCapMode
- Race ODF new commands:
allowGiveDilithium, allowGiveTritan, allowGiveMetal, allowGiveSupply,
allowGiveCrew, canGainXP, AIFreightersPerMoon, preloadUnitsX

Known Issues (To be fixed):
- The Random Map generator is not available
- Savegames are currently disabled
- Win/Lost Message is shown distorted on Widescreen configurations
- The integrated AA mode may give a black screen on some configurations. Try to
enable AA via your graphic card driver instead.
- It is recommended not to change graphic resolutions ingame in order to avoid
the game interface to be streched

Version 3 Preview Release 17th June, 2006

- Cleared some code that writes an obsolete registry string not required anymore
- Fleet Operations only showed Splash screen on some computer environments.
- Fleet Operations starts with an empty map @ IntroEnabled=0 & WindowMode=1
- Launcher: Fixed shortcut to Network Help file
- Installer: Uninstall of previous detected version now working again.
- Corrected several tooltip and string errors
- Fixed a bug causing white squares to appear in some nebulas
- Added missing projectile effect for the Borg Nanite special ability
- Romulan Phase cloak does no longer consume 20 initial special energy
- Added Tooltips for construction delays
- Fixed a bug causing an arterror to appear while using construction delays
- Fixed a bug still caused out of sync problems
- Fixed a bug related to game crashes at the end of a game
- Fixed a bug causing game crashes during research process
- Corrected the wrong aligned Klingon Kahless Station footbrint buffer
- Loader: Rebuild from scratch
- Launcher: Rebuild from scratch
- Map Manager: Import dialog bitmap position fixed

- Increased AI fleet efficency
- New Mainmenu 'beeping' sounds
- Advanced environment
- changed camera handling
- changed physic system
- changed textures mipmap levels
- new tooltip and ingame font
- Improved graphical effects
- Improved explosion effects
- Improved shield effects
- Improved mining beam effects
- Improved transporter effects
- Improved special weapon effects
- Model and texture improvements or complete reworks
- Federation Mediterranean
- Federation Mandril Class
- Federation Newton Class
- Federation Monsoon Class
- Federation Canaveral Class
- Federation Akira Class
- Federation Remore Class
- Federation Outpost
- Federation Storage Dock
- Federation Antares Type Yard
- Federation Eraudi Type Yard
- Federation Starfleet Science
- Federation Starfleet Engineering
- Federation Defenceplatform
- Federation Satellite
- Klingon K't'inga Class
- Klingon Topmey Class
- Non Player Breen Cruiser
- Non Player Ferengi Marauder
- Mapobject Dilithium Moons
- Mapobject Tritanium Moons
- Mapobject Planets
- Mapobject Nebulas
- Increased the differences between weapon ranges
- Changed the system your points are being calculated in the Admirals Log
- Several button upgrades
- Changed the Hotkeys of most units. They are now displayed in the construction
- Moved the resource panel in mapeditor mode do avoid menu blending
- Added new Teamcolors
- Balance changes:
- Noxter
The Noxter are not included in this Version. There were some critical
bugs within the Beta 2 Noxter. The Noxter will of course come back
after a global redo in a future version of Fleet Operations!
Visit for updates on the Noxter
- Borg
The Borg are not included in this Version. We are still working on a
full scale redo with many new features for the final Version 3.0
release. Visit for updates
- Changed the hitpoints and firepower of most vessels & stations according
to the new balancing system. See "Unit attributes"
- Changed the Dilithium and Tritanium costs of most vessels & stations
according to the new balancing system
- Changed the special energy costs of most special abilities and adjusted
their effects according to the new balancing system
- Dilithium
stock at game start increased to 4000 (bf: 3500)
- Crew
Crew is no longer a resource. The "costs" will still be displayed
to show the crew capacity of the starship or station.
- Starting Units
construction vessels must be build after the selection of an avatar
- Hull HP regeneration is now calculated independet from shield HPs
- Changed the Credit system. The standard startup creditcount is 20, but
credit costs have also been scaled.
- Added an option to turn credits off (= 0 startig credits).
- Reduced the rate at which special energy regenerates. See "Unit attributes"
- Tachyon Scan energy costs reduced to 30 (bf: 100)
- Tachion Detection Grid research does now contain 2 upgrades.
One for the Tachion Scan special ability and
one for the passive Tachion Detection Grid ability
- Crew Mechanics
If a starships enters combat and gets hits on its hull it may lose crew. As
soon as the crew drops below a certain limit (the limit differs from ship
to ship and from race to race) it enters yellow crew state (the crew
display turns yellow). If this vessel loses even more crew it enters
red crew state (the crew display turns red).
If a vessel enters yellow crew state the repair rate of that vessel
is slightly reduced and the rate of fire is reduced by half.
If the vessels enters red crew state the time it takes to repair damage
is even doubled and the combat capabilities of that vessel get down to
a minimum.
The only exception to this rule is the Federation. A Federation vessels
gets no repair rate reduction on yellow state and only half of the normal
reduction on red state.
- Unit attributes
Added 3 dynamic unit attributes. These attributes describe the
capabilities of vessels or stations.
Offensive Value:
The offensive capabilities of a starship or station. Units with higher
offensive values can deal higher ammounts of damage or have faster
reload times
Defensive Value:
The defensive capabilities of a starship or station. Units with higher
defensive values can sustain higher ammounts of damage before getting
critically damaged or destroyed
System Value:
The special system capabilities of a starship or station. Units with
higher system values can reload their shields and repair their hulls
faster. The system value does also define the special weapon energy
recharge rate.

- Newton Class
is now armed with a Phaser
can no longer be equipped with the Repair Team special ability
- Descent Class
can now be equipped with the Critical Shot Special Ability
crew capacity increased to 600 (bf: 325)
- Nebula Class
now has the Vector Calculation special ability
is now a Cruiser (bf: Battleship)
- Probe Special Ability
does no longer require a target but flies in the direction the Canaveral
is facing
- Repair Beam
does no longer use special energy
repair rate reduced
- Critical Shot Special Ability
Does no longer deal damage
does now last 7 seconds (bf: 5)
- Defiant Class
is now armed with 2 Rapid Fire Pulse Phasers
- Saber Class
can no longer be equipped with the Hyperimpulse Drive special ability
is now initially equipped with the Evasive Maneuvers passive ability
- Monsoon Class
can no longer be equipped with the Hyperimpulse Drive special ability
can now be equipped with the Proximity Photon Torpedo special ability
- Starfleet Command
crew capacity increased to 750 (bf: 600)
- Galaxy Class
crew capacity increased to 350 (bf: 250)
- Steamrunner Class
crew capacity increased to 150 (bf: 125)
- Canaveral Class
is now armed with 1 additional Light Quantum Pulse
- Space Dock
the Space Dock has been removed. It will come back as an enhanced version
for special maps in a future Fleet Operations version
- Remore Class
combat effectiveness has been greatly increased
- Akira Class
can no longer be equipped with the Point Defense special ability
can now be equipped with the Defense Patterns special ability

- Incrased the costs for all Klingon Special Ability research
- Cho'naQ Class
Weaponrange changed to long range (bf: medium)
- Ion Storm Special Abilitiy
reduced damage per second
duration decreased to 40 seconds (bf: 45)
- Combat Tractorbeam Special Ability
The Combat Tractorbeam is now a special ability of the Chargh Class
(Avatar Unit). The Heavy Weapons Platform is no longer equipped with
this ability.
- Vutpa' Class
is now a Battleship (bf: Cruiser)
- Kahless Station
may now produce K't'inga Class

The Romulan techtree has been changed. The Generix Yard does no longer
exist. Generix Class vessels can be produced at the Staryard and then be
refitted just like Rhienn Class vessels.
- Mogai Class
is no longer equipped with the Cloak special ability
- Stealth Field Special Ability
does no longer reduce weapon accuracy
- Sabotage Special Ability
reduced the chance to do lesser damage
can no longer be used to destroy civil vessels
- Generix Class (Dreadnought)
is no longer equipped with a normal cloaking device
- Quadcobalt Torpedo
increased area damage radius to 350 (bf: 250)
- Multi Targetting Disruptor
Weaponrange changed to long range (bf: medium)
- Tal'Shiar Academy
crew capacity increased to 400 (bf: 350)
- Serkas Class
does now require the Tal'Shiar Academy to be built
- Cloak Special Ability (Romulan only)
reduced the time it takes to cloak and decloak to 1 second (bf: 3)
- Updated a few button graphics
- Updated symbols for Dilithium an Tritanium
- Updated GUI Files

- Fleet Operations intro video
- New player race: Dominion
- Added the ability to select an avatar at game start, which modifies the
tech tree and grants several bonuses. Each race has two different avatars
to chose.
- Admiral Mayson
- Admiral Risner
- TaQ'roja
- General Martok
- General Mijural
- General Helev
- Dominion Puretech
- Alliance: Breen
- Added Support Vessels
Support Vessels are special ships which have an initial special ability and
can be enhanced with 2 upgrades, giving them additional abilities.
Support Vessels:
- Canaveral Class
- Remore Class
- Norway Class (Avatar Unit)
- Qaw'Duj Class
- BortaS Class
- Generix Class (Support Refit)
- Leahval Class
- Interception Destroyer
- Siege Cruiser
- Added Supply resource
visit for further informations on the new supply resource
- Added "Ice" environment set
- Added additional mapobjects
- Added race specific selection markers
- Added glow effects for warp drives and similar special effects
- Added weapon fire effects
- Added new voicesets
- Added new vessels and stations
- Torpedo Platform (for Admiral Mayson)
- Norway Class (for Admiral Mayson)
- Avalon Class (for Admiral Risner)
- Phalanx Class (for Admiral Risner)
- Veqlaragh Class (for TaQ'roja)
- Chargh Class (for TaQ'roja)
- LuSpet Class (for General Martok)
- SuS'a' Class (for Geberal Martok)
- Shrike Class (for General Mijural)
- Cehlaer Class (for General Mijural)
- Griffin Class (for General Helev)
- Eresis Class (for General Helev)
Non Player:
- Marauder
- A standard set of textures is loaded when race detection fails

Version Beta 2 Patch 2 December 31, 2003

- Fixed a bug causing romulan pulse type weapons cause incorrect damage
- Fixed a bug causing 'out of sync' errors while using Tachyon Scan
- Saving Admiral's Logs is working again
- Readded the Noxter Breeder build button

- Added new maps:
Maps by Creative2012
- Homeworlds
- Old Space
Maps by Detektor:
- Cube
- Mutaracombat
- Wheel of War
Maps by Eufnoc
- The Badlands
Maps by SisQ
- Total war
Maps by Trekki
- Blue

Version Beta 2 Patch 1 October 13, 2003

- Noxter Stinger now dies in a blood explosion
- Fixed a bug causing crashes when leaving a game
- Fixed a bug causing crashes during game
- 60 second and 90 second construction delays fixed
- fixed a bug which marks an area where a swarmnebula has
been used as unsuitable for station construction
- Corrected several tooltip and string errors
- Launcher: Now Team Colors can correctly be enabled/disabled

- Improved Noxter-AI station-organism handling
- Balance changes:
- All Noxter organisms are now mobile
- Larva
Increased construction time to 25 seconds (bf: 20)
- Scourge
Weapon damage reduced to 3 (bf: 5)

Version Beta 2 Hotfix 1 October 04, 2003

Missing Federation Descent class textures which caused slowdowns

Version Beta 2 October 04, 2003

- Map Manager: GUI fix
- Map Manager: Some glitches with creating new maps corrected
- Map Manager: Maps outsite the bzn folder were not correctly identified
- Map Editor: Envoirement settings for new maps corrected
- Launcher: Splash screens now appear really random when selected
- Added missing Admiral's Log ship and station images
Gaming fixes:
- Fixed several AI problems
- Vessels can now move again with "Trek Physics" enabled
- Fixed tooltip display errors
- Fixed display errors with some special effects
- Klingon Ionizing Torpedo can now be assimilated by the
Borg Technology Assimilator
- Federation Starfleet Chassis Tooltips now show +25 percent sensorrange
improvement correct
- Added missing selection sounds for some stations
- Ships, stations and upgrades can now be reached via the F hotkeys

- Increased AI build efficency
- Race GUI changes
- Vessel and station model and texture improvements or complete reworks
Replaced Models and Textures:
- Federation Descent Class
- Federation Galaxy Class
- Federation Nebula Class
- Federation Saber Class
- Federation Starfleet Command
- Borg Detector
- Borg Interceptor
- Borg Assimilator
- Borg Adaptor
- Borg Sphere
- Borg Cube
- Borg Fusion Cube
- Borg Scout Cube
- Borg Tactical Cube
Updated Models
- Klingon Bird of Prey
Updated Textures
- Federation Intrepid
- Replaced asteroid textures
- Ship pathfinding optimized
- MOTD now shows title of latest homepage news
- Added a new animation for collapsed shields
- Federation photon torpedos updated to 'First Contact' style
- Replaced explosion shockwave effect
- Balance changes:
- Changed the Dilithium and Tritanium costs of most vessels according
to the new balancing system
- Changed the hitpoints and firepower of most vessels according
to the new balancing system
- Changed Engine speed for all vessels
- Increased the speed of several special weapon projectiles
- Pulse type weapons do now fire bursts of 3 shots
- Sensor range increased for all vessels
- Hull and System HP repair rate is now based on units hitpoints
- Weaponrange firing system has been rebalanced to 5 weaponrange categories
short range
medium range
long range
artillery range
- Tritanium
storage capacity reduced to 100 per freighter (bf: 150)
stock at game start increased to 2000 (bf: 1000)
- Crew
stock at game start decreased to 1500 (bf: 2000) (except: Borg)
all races do now have the same boarding party strength
crewrate per second reduced to 4.25 per starbase (bf: 5)
- Special weapons and Special abilities
reload time for most special weapons changed to 5 seconds
unresearched special weapons are marked with an '+' in tooltips
- Movement and combat behavior
added movement autonomy to the AI menu.
view tooltips for further information.

- Venture Class
removed Tachion Detection Grid ability
- Tachion Detection Grid research
costs increased to 400 Dilithium, 400 Tritanium (bf: 100/100)
construction time increased to 100 seconds (bf: 25)
- Defence Platform
costs increased to 500 Dilithium, 250 Tritanium (bf: 300/250)
- Tricobalt Torpedo
damage reduced against ships
double damage to buildings
effect range decreased to 400 (bf: 600)
enemy hit chance reduction decreased to 35 percent (bf: 50)
- Distortion Field
time decreased to 35 seconds (bf: 45)
- Repair Beam
special energy costs increased to 10 (bf: 5)
- Eraudi Type Yard
costs increased to 1000 Dilithium, 600 Tritanium (bf: 800/500)
- Newton Class
crew costs decreased to 90 (bf: 250)
- Outpost
can now be equipped with the Tachion Scan special ability
- Spacedock
can now be equipped with the Tachion Scan special ability

- NoQ'Duj Class
removed Tachion Detection Grid ability
- Chor Class
costs decreased to 370 Dilithium, 110 Tritanium (bf: 450/125)
damage increased to 10 (bf: 3)
- Tachion Detection Grid research
costs increased to 400 Dilithium, 400 Tritanium (bf: 100/100)
build time increased to 100 seconds (bf: 25)
- Heavy Weapons Platform
costs increased to 600 Dilithium, 300 Tritanium (bf: 500/400)
weaponry changed to Torpedo Drone
- Kahless Station
weaponry changed to Torpedo Drone
can now be equipped with the Tachion Scan special ability
- Combat Tractor Beam research
does no longer use 1 credit to be researched
- Ionizing Torpedo
damage reduced to 5 (bf: 10-30)
special energy costs reduced to 25 (bf: 75)
targeting range reduced
- K't'inga Class
can now be equipped with the Torpedo Drone special ability
- Field Research
construction time increased to 60 seconds (bf: 50)
- Armory
construction time increased to 70 seconds (bf: 50)
- Imperial Research
construction time increased to 80 seconds (bf: 50)
- Ordnance Depot
costs decreased to 800 Dilithium, 600 Tritanium (bf: 1000/600)
construction time increased to 80 seconds (bf: 50)
- Field Yard
costs increased to 650 Dilithium, 400 Tritanium (bf: 650/300)
- Battle Yard
costs decreased to 750 Dilithium, 500 Tritanium (bf: 1000/600)
- Imperial Yard
costs decreased to 1000 Dilithium, 600 Tritanium (bf: 1350/850)
- Battleplan
now uses 2 special energy per second (bf: 100 once)
- Shield Breaking Torpedo
energy costs reduced to 50 from 75
- Mining Station
costs increased to 450 Dilithium, 150 Tritanium (bf: 400/150)

- Borg vessels do no longer need to lower shields to beam
- Cube
added the Regenerative Systems passive ability
- Tactical Cube
added the Regenerative Systems passive ability
weaponry changed to 2x Gravimetric Torpedo
- Fusion Cube
added the Regenerative Systems passive ability
- Detector
removed Tachion Detection Grid ability
- Tachion Detection Grid research
costs increased to 400 Dilithium, 400 Tritanium (bf: 100/100)
build time increased to 100 seconds (bf: 25)
- Phaser Relay
costs increased to 600 Dilithium, 300 Tritanium (bf: 400/200)
- Assembler
costs increased to 400 Dilithium, 100 Tritanium (bf: 400/0)
- Adaptor
costs increased to 350 Dilihtium, 100 Tritanium (bf: 300/100)
damage decreased to 12 damage (bf: 15)
reload time changed to 2 seconds (bf: 3)
build requirements changed to Incubation Complex
- Assimilation Matrix
construction time decreased to 150 seconds (bf: 225)
can now be equipped with the Tachion Scan special ability
- Technology Assimilator
targeting range reduced to 600 (bf: 800)
- Holding Beam
targeting range reduced to 600 (bf: 800)
- Ultridium Burst
damage reduced to 40 (bf: 50)
energy costs reduced to 75 from 100
- Nanites
increased movement speed of GUI elements
energy costs reduced to 10 from 40
- Transwarp Hub
construction costs reduced to 3000 Dilithium, 1500 (bf: 3500/3500)
- Extended Life Support Nodes Upgrade
research costs reduced to 450 Dilithium, 450 Tritanium (bf: 800/800)
research time decreased to 50 seconds (bf: 100)
- Processing Matrix
costs increased to 650 Dilithium, 200 Tritanium (bf: 500/200)
- Resource Assimilator
costs increased to 400 Dilithium, 100 Tritanium (bf: 150/0)
construction time increased to 40 seconds (bf: 20)
loading capacity increased to 300 Dilithium, 200 Tritanium (bf: 150/100)
- Assembly Matrix
costs increased to 900 Dilithium, 500 Tritanium (bf: 900/450)
- Adv Assembly Matrix
costs increased to 1200 Dilithium, 700 Tritanium (bf: 1000/700)

- Multiplayer name is set to Windows logon name after install
- Launcher: Added option for choosing between low and high res textures
- Launcher: Added option for disabling ship and station team colors
- Launcher: Added option for disabling the splash screen transition effects
- Launcher: Added option for long multiplayer nicknames (up to 64 chars)
- Launcher: New splash logo available: Ciadan
- Launcher: New splash logo available: Dominion
- Launcher: Updated splash logo: Borg
- Map Manager: Delete option now available
- Fleet Operations menu Cursors
- New building underlays when placing new buildings
- Added several new multiplayer maps
Gaming additions:
- New player race: Romulans
- New player race: Noxter
- Added 'buildable' delays (30/60/90 sec) for all shipyards
- Assimilated ships and stations now have modeled borg installations
- Added new ship, resource and build status bars
- Added new race specific cursors
- Added shield hit sounds for torpedo and pulse type weapons
- Added new map objects for map environment
- Added new formations
- Lines formation
- Square formation
- Wedge formation
- Added new vessels and stations
- Excelsior-II Class

- Command Cube

- BortaS Class
- Vutpa' Class

Non Playable:
- Premonition Class
- Constellation Class
- McKinley Type Yard

- Delevhas Class

- Impulse Ship

- Starbase
- Yard
- Energypost
- Cruiser
- Battleship

Species 8472
- Bioship

Version Beta 1.1 Patch 2 September 21, 2003

- Solved remaining issues causing "out of sync" errors
- Fusion Cube upgrade can no longer be targeted separately

Version Beta 1.1 Patch 1 August 21, 2003

- Fixed a bug causing "out of sync" errors in multiplayer games
- Fixed a bug preventing scoutcubes for forming up for fusion
- vessels no longer try to auto form up during movement

- Improved Pathfinding

Version Beta 1.1 May 06, 2003

- Installer now works with newer Armada CDs
Gaming fixes:
- Fixed minor interface display errors
- Fixed minor map errors
- "Critical Shot" can now be fired correctly
- "Critical Shot" can now be assimilated by the Borg Technology Assimilator

- Minor GUI changes
- Added a new button for the Intrepid Class
- AI improvements
Balance changes:
- Start starbases are now fully recrewed
- Reduces the damage done by the Cho'naQ Assault Disruptor from 75 to 55
- Increased the fire rate bonus of High Energy Reflex Grid, Advanced Weapons
and Nadion Weapons upgrades from 10 percent to 15 percent

- Added 4 player map 'Circle' by Detektor
- Added 6 player team play map 'Nebulagate' by Detektor

Version Beta 1 Patch 1 May 02, 2003


- Fix for the DLL starting issues
- Fixed CD Check problems


- Added missing ship images for Admiral's Log
- Added a new image for the Intrepid Class in Admiral's Log
- Increased Klingon Neutron Impulse Engine cost to 900 Dilithium, 900 Tritanium

Note: This patch includes all fixes from previous Hotfixes.

Version Beta 1 April 30, 2003

First public release

4. FAQ

Updated FAQs are available at

5. Additional Credits
Special Thx to...
all the people around the world who sent in bug reports and suggestions.
Deemon for his Prometheus
Fahres for his Intrepid
Juhan Uus for permission to use his image art for Fleet Operations
madshi for great development support
Nullsoft and the NSIS Development Team for their great support
Cleeve for his Vorcha textures
Dak Phoenix for allowing us to use his Phalanx design
MasterOfLan for offering webspace to host our big stuff :)
Dragi for his nice icons for the Map Manager and FO Patcher
Andrew J. Hodges for his Borg "Prime Sphere" design
William Burningham for his B'rel textures
COB, DarkestVorlon, Eufnoc, Overlord, SisQ, Trekki, admiralmax, Eximus,
General_Martok, hyperion, omega, riker47988, Sfera, volume, zeich, Uberdan,
Jan, Black Baron and all the others we might forgot to mention :)

6. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from
you. For reporting bugs, please visit our forum.


Version    Author  FleetOps Team  Website  Website external 
Downloads  13,825  Size  193.92 MB  Created  2008-12-15 



#31 JeanLucPicard1 2009-01-17 02:38
Overall, this is a very good mod. The graphics are great and I especially like adaption modules for the Borg. The Klingons can also be fun to play with. However, the Federation needs work. Ships like the Galaxy and Nebula are map objects and must be warped in using a feature called StarFleet Command. You can request assistance at the cost of credits, but you rarely get a Galaxy or Nebula and sometimes the ships don't show up at all. The Federation is also weak in the offensive department. All the Federation ships could use a stat upgrade.
#32 reallybigjohnson 2009-01-18 13:21
are the supply points supposed to come back if your ships are destroyed cause when i play the federation (havent tried the other races yet) they never come back. im destroying wave after wave of enemy ships including big ones but they never seem to run out of them. i on the other hand run out after awhile especially if im playing against more than 2 oppenents. i dont want to have to use infinite resources cause that makes mining pointless.

any chance the sovereign could be beefed up a bit. its the same as the defiant. also thank you for getting rid of the stupid noxter and using the dominion instead.
#33 reallybigjohnson 2009-01-18 13:23
why cant you edit your posts. thats just dumb. anyways i forgot to thank the modders who made this mod as its a huge improvement over the original game. thank you again for all the hard work. :-)
#34 max4444 2009-02-06 12:54
why do i have to do this?
#35 AnunC8 2009-02-17 17:08
All it needs is a functioning save menu, and it'll be perfect. A gotta hand it to you guys. Someone could have told me this was Armada III and I wouldn't have given them a second glance.
#36 DOCaCola 2009-02-18 02:21
get the latest patch from that now brings back the save game option
#37 scooter69a 2009-02-18 05:14
Great mod FleetOps Team. The glow from the ships is an awesome feature. Graphics are awsome. Just wondering if it will be possible one day to have the sheilds available to download or know how it was done?
#38 Gerthelas 2009-02-24 00:47
I absolutely love this mod!!!!!

I love all the effects and they look amazing too. Nice job on this incredible mod. Rock

Im looking forward to any improvements/ additions. :borg:
#39 Lakota 2009-05-05 12:50
wow thats a great mod. mod? you can call Armada 2 with this mod Star Trek Armada 3

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