Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Beta 2 Patch 2 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Beta 2 Patch 2

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Doca Cola, 2004-01-01

The second patch for Fleet Operations is finally here.
It fixes the lately discovered online gaming issues with the tachion detection grid, a few minor bug fixes and also adds a set of new maps by Creative2012, Detektor, Eufnoc, SisQ and Trekki. Thx for your submissions!
The Patch includes all fixes from previous Patches and you can install it either over a Patch 1 patched beta 2 or a blank Fleet Operations Beta 2.


Version Beta 2 Patch 2 December 31, 2003

- Fixed a bug causing romulan pulse type weapons cause incorrect damage
- Fixed a bug causing 'out of sync' errors while using Tachyon Scan
- Saving Admiral's Logs is working again
- Readded the Noxter Breeder build button

- Added new maps:
Maps by Creative2012
- Homeworlds
- Old Space
Maps by Detektor:
- Cube
- Mutaracombat
- Wheel of War
Maps by Eufnoc
- The Badlands
Maps by SisQ
- Total war
Maps by Trekki
- Blue

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#21 bigzammer 2007-04-25 20:50
My computer successfully installed both this and version 3...TWICE...and I still get error messages whenever I try to play the game. All patches and everything. Is it because of Vista? is this not compatable with Vista? I need help here....

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