Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Multimedia Pack 1 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Multimedia Pack 1

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Doca Cola, 2003-10-26

ok for all the people that have played fleet ops beta 1 it hav media playing in the back ground. an beta 2 did not have media in the background so download this if you wont the music wall you play download this. there is a diffrent song for each race about 10 to 12 min long for each so that explans the size

Fleet Operations - Armada II Total Conversion Multimedia Pack
Copyright (C) 2003 Fleet Operations Development Team

This is an Addon for Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations and requires Beta 2 for install. It does not support any prior versions of Fleet Operations.

In this addon we assembled over 60 minutes of audio tracks for the the Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan, Noxter and the game menu screen to replace the original Armada 2 music with a more fitting music environment for the game.


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#1 Guest 2003-10-28 01:04
#2 FileTrekker 2003-10-28 08:39
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#3 Sheriden24 2003-12-01 01:37
I Posted about music modding a long time ago and found out how to reconfigure the sound files to a lower quality so that the crappy music player that armada uses can read new music. i was just curious what you had done with your files and the process you went through in making this mod.

oh and gotta tell you the fleet ops beta is beutiful.

a few things that need to be sorted out sure but an awsome begining. keep up the good work
#4 SupaStarAsh 2004-08-05 21:55

You need to take up spelling lessons too.

Its not "spel" its "spell"


Its not "edeit" its "edit"
#5 draconis_sharp 2004-08-06 03:40
Like anyone's gona read that and care.
#6 ISS_Voyager 2005-02-04 11:57
The music is greatRock, but in the klingon music about half way through there is the sound weapons fire. Otherwise the music is perfect. :thumbsup:

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