Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Beta 2 Patch 1 Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations Beta 2 Patch 1

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Doca Cola, 2003-10-14

The first Patch for Fleet Operations Beta 2 fixing a few minor bugs and crashes appearing on some computer envoirements.

This Patch includes all fixes from the previous Hotfix

Version Beta 2 Patch 1 October 13, 2003

- Noxter Stinger now dies in a blood explosion
- Fixed a bug causing crashes when leaving a game
- Fixed a bug causing crashes during game
- 60 second and 90 second construction delays fixed
- fixed a bug which markes an area where a swarmnebula has
been used as unsuitable for station construction
- Corrected several tooltip and string errors
- Launcher: Now Team Colors can correctly be enabled/disabled

- Improved Noxter-AI station-organism handling
- Balance changes:
- All Noxter organisms are now mobile
- Larva
Increased construction time to 25 seconds (bf: 20)
- Scourge
Weapon damage reduced to 3 (bf: 5)

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#11 OddballUK 2004-12-18 23:02

bohs*!t Emperor_Martok, 112 ghz doesnt exist yet, or do you mean 1.12Ghz or 1120mhz?!?!?!

My Spec: Intel P4 ES (engineers sample) socket lga775 3.4Ghz OC 4.3Ghz Zalman Resirator1

256MB X600 Pci Express

2GB Crucial DDR400 SDRAM


i hate that it requires a cd, mine has snapped now, best hope i dont have to format again.............

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