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Kylestabell, 2006-09-23

Contained in this here zip is a "third person" patch for BI:VR (though permission given from MaP) which fixes a few items, namely:

  • Romulan Talon Class Scout has a cloaking device which now works.
  • Borg special weapons fixed and useable.

Granted, it's not a huge amount, but it is something and for those looking to enrich their BI:VR gaming, this will definitely be a good add-on for it to get it working that bit smoother. All edited files do need to be put into the right location, which is the Romulan ship odf and the 1.1 tech file, but that shouldn't be hard work. Now, go forth, download and beat the Borg back into the Delta Quadrant!

Original readme's and credits are also included.

By Kylestabell, origonal work by MajorPayne

This is a patch for the Borg Inursion: Vital Responce mod. The changes made alows
the refit Romulan talon to cloak properly and fixes the bug keeping the borg's
special weapons from being used.

Installation instructions:
(Note: this is assuming you installed the game to
c:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II for the base folder)

1. Make a backup file of techtree\ and odf\ships\rscout2.odf

2. Either unzip into a temporary folder and then move the techtree and odf folders
to the base installed folder or unzip the files directly into the folder.

Version  1.2 Beta  Author  Kylestabell  Website   
Downloads  2,013  Size  291.55 KB  Created  2006-09-23 



#1 kylestabell 2006-09-24 19:44
I'm glad to see this up, sorry if anyone got a little confused with how I wrote the installation instructions, this is my first file to be submited here.
#2 kylestabell 2006-09-24 19:49
again sorry for the missing info, with the exeption of the computer overide (Queen ) and detect cloak (Vinculum) the upgrades needed should be fairly straight forward.
#3 ST_and_SW_Freak 2007-06-14 09:47
is Species 8472 in this one? I miss them. :-(
#4 ameba 2008-10-27 02:27
why the heck is this file of the week more than a year after its release? no offense, but this is a minor tweak of a mod. did all the other files on this site have their appearence already :-) ?

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