Borg Incursion 2 Patch Borg Incursion 2 Patch

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Major A Payne, 2002-09-24

This fixes some errors that were in the initial release.

Payne also reccomends you get This Patch along with this one.

Please note that due to feedback some rather disturbing crashes were found. Hopefully this patch will correct these errors and your game will run smoothly. Details of these corrected problems are contained within a readme in the installation.

Simply double click the installation executable. Follow the onscreen prompts making sure to check that the installation destination is correct (this executable WISE built installation is set to install to Armada 2\'s default location).

If you wish to manually install these files you do so at your own risk.

- Option 1: Locate the BI2 Patch Uninstall directory and double click the UNWISE.EXE. This will cause a reversion to your previous installation.
- Option 2: From the Add/remove programs dialogue box locate the BI2 Project Patch entry and double click this.

To uninstall the entire project Follow this procedure:

1) Uninstall the Patch FIRST.
2) Uninstall the main project.

If done correctly your armada 2 installation will return to its original state (if you have installed a mod or project prior to my own project then your installation of Armada 2 will be reverted back to this modded state).

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This is only a simple document without a file.


#71 thor1963 2005-12-12 17:04
No patch for BI2? bummer was starting to like it a2 no longer host and the redirected one has been deleted damn
#72 wigoj 2006-01-01 15:04
uhh how do i download this?
#73 BorgDrone4 2006-03-18 10:18
It sounds like some of you might have noticed that there is no dl available here. Fear not! for there is a way to combat this vile event. Go to the page for The_1701_Angel's fix for the mod , click the dl from filefront servers button (dont worry you wont have to dl it) when the page loads, up at the top you should see this: Home > Star Trek Armada 2 > Modifications > Addons > A to B Titles. Click on the A to B Titles section and it should take you to a new page, scroll down a bit and you should see a 1.06MB file called bi2v301patch. click it, dl it, and your set.

You may know kowtow to my mad file locating skills :oops:

#74 112joesam 2007-02-16 08:09
ummmmm..... when it (trys!) to redirect it this comes up:

Info Document not found! The following error occured:

Invalid Info Document Tag!

This could mean the Info Document you are looking for has been deleted.

Info Document not found, so Info Document Comments are Disabled!
#75 slifin 2007-10-12 15:16
I get the same problem
#76 Grig 2007-10-12 22:23;953023;/fileinfo.html

Go there, its a filefront link so it should be alright to post this... I think ^^
#77 Firewarrior1705 2007-10-14 05:14
great mod, the only problem that I see with it is that it has WAY too many ships. Honestly it would have been better with only half of them

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