Warp Core Breach Enhancement Mod Warp Core Breach Enhancement Mod

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Anakin Solo, 2002-06-27

This a nice little addon to add more kick to your Steamrunners special. This mod makes the Engine overload special to do damage to the engine and other systems.

Warp Core Breach Enhancement Mod
(a.k.a. Warp drive go BOOM!)
By Anakin Solo

Disclaimer: I don\'t own trek (though I wish I did).
I\'m just borrowing it for a while and promise to put it back when I\'m done.
Please don\'t sue me!

ODF files: 2
Readme: 1

1. Open Star Trek Armada II folder
2. Open ODF folder
3. Open Special Weapons folder
4. Hide copy of original file in a safe location
5. Copy new files (except readme) into Special Weapons folder
6. Insert Armada II CD
7. Kick the shit out of your opponents

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

Anakin Solo

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