Tom Bloomberg's Multimod Tom Bloomberg's Multimod

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Tom Bloomberg, 2004-01-15

This is a multimod of different mods, with more realistic Photon Torpedos for the Intrepid, new mapbackground from Bridge Commander, Borg Cube with new sod, odf and textures and more!

Tom Bloomberg's Multimod

this my Multimod with some stuff.
These things are included:

- Intrepid Class by p81 with new odf
- more realistic Photon Torpedos for the Intrepid (you can also use the torps with other ships)
- Borg Cube with new sod, odf and textures
- new mapbackground from Bridge Commander
- new Adm. Log pictures for both ships

Installation for intrepid and cube:

1. Just unzip all files in your Armada II directory. This will overwrights the original files. Back them up, if you wish.

2. Enjoy!

Installation for map back ground (mbg):

1. Unzip all files to the Armada II/Textures/RGB folder. This will overwrite the old background mbgrg.

2. Now you can start your Map Editor and write mbgrg in the background section in the Map Dialog.


intrepid class: p81 - Michael Kelly
borg texture for intrepid: Lt_Commander
photon torpedo: Rake's Weapons textures
borg cube texture: Cpt 2xtreme
the rest: by me


-/\- Tom Bloomberg

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#1 Hardyous_of_vulcan 2004-01-16 03:57
does this still allow you to intergrate them nto borg fusion cubes?

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