Time Bubble Time Bubble

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Captain Future, 2002-09-03

This is a variation of the Temporal Distortion weapon.

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#1 Kwad04 2002-09-17 11:39
Someone describe the mod, what it does (in-game), and why I would possibly want it.
#2 Captain_Reisen 2003-02-26 09:36
Here's why and what the weapon does. It stops time within a certain radius of the (nonexistant) target within a Kurlian loop of subspace (i.e. any ship within this toroid can't do a darned thing).

Why would you want a weapon like this? Stations can't defend themselves from your onslaughts nor can enemy ships pursue you home if you're damaged not to mention the ability to keep enemy fleets at bay until you can send reinforcements if they are hounding you.

Whew! Boy that was long-winded...I need one of those temporal loops myself.

:borg: Resistance is futile :borg:
#3 Guest 2003-11-13 21:19
Sounds like the Temporal Distortion with a different SOD to me.
#4 nowereman 2003-11-13 21:27
guest#3 you are right at lest i think cause i have seen some odd mods and i am now counting this as one of them :o :o :o

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