Star Hawks Armada 2 Spiceup Mod Star Hawks Armada 2 Spiceup Mod

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Star Hawk, 2004-07-01

This mod for Armada 2 will "spice up" the game by changeing the balence of things a little Wink It takes alot longer and takes more resources to build a battleship... but the power of them is also increased. This means that although it takes longer to build, you get alot of firepower at the end and the game becomes that little bit more intresting then the usual gameplay. This mod also modifies scouts, destroyers and cruisers as well. Not every race has the same ammount of modified ships, but the author says there still ballenced and so far i've seen no reason to dissagree. The mod also includes some ear-candy and a genreal modification making hits not causing so much crew loss which you will probably notice in game. Smile Nice little mod.

Star Hawks Armada 2 Spiceup Mod

Thanks for downloading my very first Mod for Armada 2.
As the name indicates this mod will spice up Armada 2 a little.
The mod also slightly changes balance between the usual smaller ships/cruisers and the battleships. In general it will take much longer to assemble a battleship. This makes them more worthy in battle but also more powerful since their strengh is now increased because you need more time and resources to build one. However, this mod also modifies scouts, destroyers and cruisers as well. Even though not every race now has the same number of modified ships the ships are still balanced to each other.

Most pulse weapons of smaller crafts (scouts, destroyers) are modified as well. In order to keep balance I increased their firing frequencies by a specific factor but decreased the damage by the same factor.
Here is an example: Defiant pulse phaser: frequency 2.0( 1 shot per 2 seconds) damage( 7)
Modified: frequency 0.4 (almost 2 shots per second) damage (1.75)
7 divided by 4 equals 1.75. We should have a frequency of 0.5 (2 divided by 4).
I chose 0.4 since it sounds better for a fast firing pulse weapon and it does not really change balance.
As a matter of fact an instantaction game would not be of great difficulty with an AI only concentrating on battleships in the end of a game. In compensation of the long time the AI needs to build a battleship it has been modified so that it will now build more smaller ships during an instantaction game.
The mod also includes some ear-candy and a genreal modification making hits not causing so much crew loss which you will probably notice in game.


1. Unzip the zip file in any directory of your choice.
2. Then copy and paste the folders called 'odf', 'AI' and 'sounds' into your Armada2 root directory.
3. Start Armada2 and enjoy the mod

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at

Use this mod at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage done to your system after installtion of this mod. Of course, you may not use this mod for any commercial purpose.
Thank you.

Star Hawk

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#1 MajorPayne 2004-07-02 03:18
Hmmmm, not to bad, but why do people who place these types of modifications always make a request to not alter it in any way, when there is previously copyrighted material contained within them?? Considering that the ODF and AIP file references are copyrighted to Mad Doc software that seems a bit mute. Sound files are also supposed to be used with permission from the original source (I'm tempted to assume that the sound files contained in this zip are from other sources). Don't get me wrong. I'm sure someone will find a use for this, but I've seen this not just here.
#2 Star_Hawk 2004-07-03 05:52
I think you are right. This request not to alter the mod may seem a bit mute. I thought about writing that legal stuff. First I was not sure, but then I decided to include it, as many other mods also have the legal stuff part in their readme file as well. As this is my first attempt for a public mod I was kind of insecure what to write in the readme.

But its good to know for future attempts. Thank you for noticing me :-)

I think I should have included that the files used for this mod belong to their respective owners.

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