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ArcherScott, 2005-06-07

Space Dock... Stuff Tongue Modifies the Trading station, adds Stuff and Such.

Here is a variant on the Spacedock series. I love the mushroom shape but rather than have ordinary names,
I have given the bases a name that implies their function for a community feel.

Will you get a cinema multiplex or Fed Idol HQ, a shipwash or a Klingon FunHouse?

Now you have more targets 2 guard and hopefully enjoy. I have thinned the weapons so you need to build a few around (or
don't get much of a community!) I place them to guard trading stations usually (or wherever U like)

Also included is a new Trading Station list for the cargo ships to begin transporting!

The low cost will allow you to build more and see what there is in the universe. It builds construction, mining, cargo,
scout, defiant and sovereign ships (or whatever U want).

Use your imagination as to what goes on! (I will try and make sounds to go with this! But I can't promise)

The base can take latinum freighters and has a big scan range. The buildbutton is the regular starbase but the wireframes
are Starfleet HQ.

The (bitmaps/Admiral Logs/ShipImages) pic is of Starfleet HQ but renamed.

To install the Spacedock;

odfs to odf/stations file (both the spacedock and tradingStation odfs!)
sod to sod file
tgas to the Textures/RGB folder

Now go to the Sprite folder:

Find gui_global and add after last Fed ship/station;

fdock.odf gbfdock 0 0 64 64 (align the numbers if needed)

then after last Fed wireframes;

fdockw1 fedwireframe06 0 192 48 48
fdockw2 fedwireframe06 48 192 48 48
fdockw3 fedwireframe06 96 192 48 48
fdockw4 fedwireframe06 144 192 48 48
fdockw5 fedwireframe06 192 192 48 48

Now go to Tech Tree

Find Tech1 and add after last Fed Station;

fdock.odf 2 fyard.odf fresea.odf // starfleet spacedock

Now come out and find Full tech and add after last Fed station;

fdock.odf 0

Now go back to the odf directory and go into the odf/ships folder find fconst.odf and add
buildItemXX "fdock" to the build list.
(XX = equals next number in sequence)

Full credits to Activision, I have simply tweaked the Starfleet HQ (and the Trading List) stuff to get many spacedocks up
and running!

Any problems e-mail me:


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#1 Joelteon7 2005-06-07 12:45
Quite a nice change, and the chocolate idea, gotta love it :D
#2 archerscott 2005-06-10 08:37
Thanks! I agree Chocolate Rules OK! :-)
#3 Wraith_166 2005-06-16 16:07
Some stations I would like to see:

Species 8472 Infiltration Training Facility

Wing Commander Pegasus Station

Starship Troopers Battlestation Ticonderoga

Starship Troopers Moon Perimeter Defense/Docking Facility

Star Wars Golan 3 Battlestation

The station from this pic:

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