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Curtis, 2007-07-12

This ladies and gentlemen is the latest installment of the Armada II Upgrade Project. We've not seen much from this in some time, though with this file coming in, others cannot be far behind.

This file, keeping it short, will give you a selection of new space backgrounds, along with dark and light sides of planets (depending upon the directional light I believe). Regardless of whether I am right or wrong on that note, this does look quite something, and I'm sure this will hit the downloads Wink

- Ash

A2UPGRADE 1.5.1 - Space Bodies & Space Backgrounds Update

In this update to 1.4 you will find all new space backgrounds and new planets.

Nebulas are original unedited files from the Space Transformation Pack

This is the first of several updates of which will include remastered
species 8472 textures,new federation textures with new assimilation textures,
remastered klingon textures with new assimilation textures,new remastered
romulan textures...and of course a new borg set.

I have decided to break the whole thing down into packs in order to make the
download sizes small and easy to get quickly.

Please see the screens for this pack to get a better idea of what you'll be

Please note that I have damaged my original and only armada 2 cd and have been
making this update using the very limited demo.I am not about to pay 80 + dollars
on ebay or anywhere else for that matter...for a new copy.So I have not even been
able to actually see my romulan,klingon,species sets to know how they have actually
turned out.I know the game I expect NO errors...but in any case..bear in
mind the above statement.I am wingin in blindly in many cases now.

If anyone would like to donate a cd(backup copy or otherwise)of armada 2 I would be greatful.And offer 20 U.S. dollars as payment.I feel that is compareable to what a
greatest hits title would cost nowadays and feel it's a fair cost.Anything other
than that I am simply not interested.

I can be reached via my yahoo mail address below concerning this matter.


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#21 Curtis_R 2007-07-18 08:34
meaning im sick of trying to get the packs uploaded here,and an inability to access the projects homesite via ftp so i can just add them there.i would rather just open my own site,take the work i have completed and just start something unrelated to a2upgrade.

mydatabus is stable enough to host the files for an eventual thats what im gonna do.

#22 Andreaz 2007-07-28 21:10

It might be a good idea to remove the shadow from the planet textures. The way it is done now the night-side shadows behave unnatural because they move with the rotation of the planets as if each planet in a map has its own personal sun orbiting that particular planet. As we all know suns do not orbit planets.
#23 Curtis_R 2007-07-29 23:47
i personally think planets without a shadow look weird...,i am willing to sacrifice the rotation issues for planets that look great.would have made more sense to actually design the game without planet we know..NO planets rotate like these do in this game...its the rotaion thats the issue,not the textures..its a game flaw in my opinion.

however...i am willing to create planets without the shadow and those there is a choice..i am working on a new set anyway..i'll just make duplicates without the shadow i use.
#24 ST_and_SW_Freak 2007-08-02 15:39
white dwarfs might be able to orbit big planets in real life and in star trek ANYTHING could happen.
#25 ST_and_SW_Freak 2007-08-05 10:05
oh, and #18 Winrar is not free, i checked.
#26 Curtis_R 2007-08-06 17:37

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