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Iggy, 2003-06-20

This is a little shield fix made by me (Iggy) that will eliminate those funky blue lines that rotate around a ship or station when its shields are down. I heard that people wanted a fix for this, so I released one anyway. This is just a blank sod, and will not overwrite any other mods. I tried to rate myself fairly, but If you didn't think I didn't, send your complaints to likeimevergoingtoreadthis@fakeisp.clam. j/k :b. Enjoy!

Shield Fix for Armada II by Iggy

Hey all,

This is a shield fix for Armada II that eliminates those annoying blue lines that swirl around a ship or station when its shields are down. Its just a sod file with absolutely nothing in it, and I originally made for my Q mod to eliminate those particles a ship leaks when its under the computer override special weapon. Its less than 1 kilobyte, but I zipped it anyway just to keep up appearances. It doesn't really need an auto-extractor, but I put one in anyway for the modding inept.

Install Instructions:

1) Run the self-extracting exe. THIS WILL NOT OVERWRITE OTHER MODS.


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AIM: iggy02123


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#1 STOMPAWAMPA 2003-06-21 00:11
love it bin looking for thes mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :borg: RockRock
#2 Captain_H 2003-06-21 05:16
It will most certainly make my computer run a little better.
#3 Borg131 2003-06-21 15:43
i've wanted this, you shoulda sent it in for the contest. i'm d/l this now.
#4 Iggy 2003-06-26 11:40
Glad you guys are enjoying my mod. Thanks to whoever changed this things catagory to contest mods. Also, one more thing. If you want to use this in your mod, go ahead, but please remember to give me credit in the readme.
#5 drodie 2003-06-28 19:21
I hated those stupid UNREALISTIC sheild thingys :mad: ! I've been waiting for this mod for quite a while :-) ! This mod rocks Rock!
#6 treknut104 2003-07-20 11:29
Sometimes after my assault ships do Transport Attack, the display for one or two of the ships says that shields are back up, but there is still the no-shield sparkle around them. Maybe you could fix that?
#7 Kardon 2003-08-16 09:20
i'd give the mod the rating it deserves but rating system only goes up to 10. those blue lines were one of the most annoying things in-game (expessaly while trying to make a screenshot) 20/10

have a few Drink , mabey a :donut: and prepair this mod to be *****imalated into the collective :borg:

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