sample mod from Star Trek Armada 2.5 #1 sample mod from Star Trek Armada 2.5 #1

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draconis_sharp, 2004-07-10

is a small 2 ship sample mod from "Star Trek Armada 2.5"

The ships included in this pack are stock ships with new weapons from "Star Trek Armada 2.5"


Quite simply, just move the files into their proper folders. You shouldn't have to worry about the gui_global unless you modded the wireframes of the Bird of Prey or the Shrike changed it from stock. That goes for sods also.

No credit. I simply changed weapons and ship .odf files. A very simple sample of what's in the mod.

This mod simply changes the Klingon Bird of Prey and The Romulan Shrike.

I believe you will be pleased by this mod and will download the full mod once it is complete.
This is the first of many. Other samples will simply be weapons or single ships. I hope to have The U.S.S. Titan and The U.S.S. Enterprise-F ready soon, but they will not be samples. You will have to download the completed mod for them.

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#11 draconis_sharp 2004-07-25 10:15
I've noticed that the description is a little misleading, it's more like a change that shows a peak at what the change to pulses are. It doesn't add new ships, it just changes the .odfs which I didn't have to include. This type of thing has been done before, though I only recently noticed.
#12 STGamerNew2002 2004-07-30 23:46
Yeah, like where is the weapon's sprite for this 'new weapon'? :o
#13 draconis_sharp 2004-07-31 10:43
It's a stock sprite, you should have it as long as you have the original that came with the game.

The weapons aren't new just tweaked disruptors. Sorry if I said anything misleading.
#14 draconis_sharp 2004-07-31 10:46
the other samples have new weapons, not this one. I basicly copied and pasted the readme files, so they might have a few errors in them.

This sample changes the weapons and was ment for use by people who have minimal experience in modding.

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