Reman Wars Teaser Pack Reman Wars Teaser Pack

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Beginner, 2005-11-06

This is a teaser pack for the upcoming modification, Reman Wars. It includes six ships, some new textures and new weapon sounds. Nice work so far but I can't wait until there is more to it! Download if you want.

After some deciding and cutting i have decided to release this teaser pack for reman wars - included are-
Defiant class - poly count <1000
Jargav class - romulan battlehawk - poly count 2300
galaxy class hero's - Berkeley, Dauntless, Sanfrancisco and Venture - poly count 3625
sabre class - polycount <1000
osiris class - heavy battleship - poly count 3986
aegian class - frigate - poly count - ?
New selfdestruct texture
new defiant pulsephaser texture
new weapon sounds

installation instructions

On a clean install -
extract to the armada folder

On Manual or partial install
Note: this is recommended only for people who understand basic modding options, my advice is to first of all read the bbom available on afc or a2files

odfs go in the odfs folder in the correspondant ones
e.g torpp is in the odf/weapons/pulse folder, put it in the odf/weapons/pulse folder

.tga's go in the texture/rgb folder

techtree goes in the techtree foldersv

sod goes in the sod folder

step 1 - add the needed file

step 2 - if a ship add the files in

e.g to install the defiant add the defiant textures, odf, weapons and sod

add the ship odf name to the file

e.g add defiant.odf to the file.


Defiant and sabre - stock sfc3 ports, odf, hadpoints - beginner
aegean - mesh and textures - interstellar machine readme states 'You may use this ship in your mod, or kitbash it or what ever. Only let me know if you come up with something really good so that I can have fun with it too hardpoints - beginner
galaxy, osiris, jargav - stock bc and kitbash
textures- sfc3
sound - sfc3

all comments are welcome


Reman Wars is currently 40% Completed and is scheduled for release at christmas. look for it on a2files

check the reman wars - update thread on gaming forums under armada2/modding and editing for updates

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#1 Joelteon7 2005-11-06 10:35
Those Galaxy classes look quite nice in game, I'll have to download and see.
#2 LordsofKobol 2005-11-06 13:51
Looks good, I can't wait to see this full mod, do you (or you all) have a release date? The explosion is a little...uhm...I don't know...what is that? and why does it look like my neice coloured the ship then nuked it? Everything else looks great! :thumbsup: Am I correct in assuming this will be a Total Conversion?
#3 Hardyous_of_vulcan 2005-11-06 22:50
this is grea,t all the federation models look like conversions from BC/SFC3, they look good in A2 but must have a high poly count
#4 MajorPayne 2005-11-07 03:33
A good collection of models but a few things to think about:

1) High poly models with low quality textures may speed up the game, but end up looking "stock". I would make a suggestion to also release a high res texture pack seperately. That way you give the players the choice of speed or eyecandy.

2) Complete set of support files and better installation instructions. I'm surprised that no-ones commented on this, but why should people also download the BBOM just to satisfy a lazy readme, and how many new modders has people come across that still can have problems following the BBOM.

3) Why the need for 6 galaxy class ships?? This seems a lazy way of adding them to the starting units instead of including the shipyard odf file with 1 galaxy class with multiple names. It not only saves on the need to have 5 additional sets of textures and SOD but also cuts down mod loading time.

Okay so I sound very critical of this particular mod, but the way I see it, there are necessesities to releasing a mod properly. Yes, this might be just a teaser mod, but I mean come on. Even as a teaser mod this is far from complete.
#5 Beginner 2005-11-07 08:12
#4 - I see what you mean about the readme, i made it as it is so that when they install it they can altogether but when adding ships from it it's recommended to read the BBOM, not only deos it teach you but it shows you what to do when it goes wrong which happens alot in this kind of work (to me at least Yuckyolleyes :-) .

I made the galaxy class ships because the only galaxy class ships in the mod are the hero vessels. The ships are added to the start so that the high poliness is barely noticed - look at the strength of the osiris class - it can take out a fleet of smaller ships, who wouldn't want a fleet of them? Upon seeing what i put in the zip then all i can say is this - this shames what i thought my mod would be like. I'm working on the klingons at the moment and as soon as i have some of them they'll be in the second teaser pack - which'll be the federation side :-)
#6 Beginner 2005-11-07 08:13
Note: for some reason the :roll: smiley was replaced by Yuckyolleyes :-)
#7 MajorPayne 2005-11-07 09:51
Beginner. Dont' take my criticism the wrong way. Its actually nice to see higher poly models in a mod whereby someones actually used a bit of sense for a change (previous direct ports have been known to be mass producable with little thought to build costs and build times). The bottom line at this point is you can get away with this mod simply because its a pre-release. I'm sure the final release will be alot better.
#8 The_Elusive_Chicken 2005-11-07 18:41
To #6: Ya, the smileys have been acting really wierd today...

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