Red, Green Yellow Red, Green Yellow

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Terradyhne, 2007-06-22

This is another lovely background by Terradyhne, to match up with his two recent Dominion Background releases. Again, as with those, this is a wonderful piece of art. I hope to see more in time.

- Ash

Title :New Red-Green-Yellow Background
Date :18/06/2007
Author :Terradyhne
Homepages :
Credits :Design:Terradyhne
Concept: Terradyhne
Textures: Terradyhne

Description of the Modification:
New Background Red-Green-Yellow

Installation and use:
the six MbgRGYx.tga-files go into your A2/textures/RGB-folder
in the map editor press strg+r and write MbgRGY in the Map Dialog box behind Background


email me at if you have any questions.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions:

You may not sell user-created missions commercially.
You should respect the rights of the property owners.
You have to ask for permission if you want to use one of this in any mod.

you have to ask me for permission to convert my models to any other games.

Version    Author  Terradyhne  Website   
Downloads  571  Size  1.24 MB  Created  2007-06-22 



#1 Raygen 2007-06-24 11:17
Hey there,

While I might not be the one that downloads backgrounds I cannot say something

other than that this looks quite impressive. No DL for me, but keep up the good


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