New Mission Backgrounds New Mission Backgrounds

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Captain Mario, 2005-03-29

This file contains two backgrounds intended for the startup background for Armada 2 Multiplayer and Instant Action.


Version  1.0  Author  Captain Mario  Website   
Downloads  266  Size  143.36 KB  Created  2005-03-29 



#1 draconis_sharp 2005-03-30 20:49
Not bad, but this influx of stuff is starting to make me feel as though A2Files is filled with a bunch of unused data.

Perhaps some sort of filter (uh... a person) should go through the files before posting to make sure there aren't already mods that do the exact same things. Another thing to look out for might be mods that are more than a few months old and still are in the single digit downloads. At least one of my files is guilty of this.

Oh, sorry I got off topic here. The background is a fair alternative, but looks a bit familiar; sort of like fleet ops, but that may be coincidental.
#2 Julian_Price 2005-03-31 20:08
will i stall be able to play MP?

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