New Borg Transprter Effect New Borg Transprter Effect

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Twitch, 2004-10-03

This is a small file that makes the borg transporter effect brighter and greener. And that's about it. I thought the origional effect was alright though.

Borg Transport Beam
by Twitch-

As you can see in the picture the Borg transport effect is much brighter
and greener. In the inset picture the new effect is on the left and the original
is on the right.

Drop the file btransport.tga into TEXTURES/RGB folder. Back up the original and
replace it to go back to standard.

As always- you can use this anywhere or do anything you want to it. I don't care
about permissions or credit- just have fun.

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#1 TheCollectivemustgrow 2008-07-01 14:08
I like it. :-)

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