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Captain Future, 2002-08-11

When people start coming out with mods that allow for the formation things that give resources, you know that that game has had the crap hacked out of it. Still a good mod though, this really comes in handy of you're running out of dilithium. When you need it, make it! Directions in readme.

//////////// 008 MoonMaker ////////////////////////
//////////// Spezial/special Waffe/Weapon ////////////////////////
//////////// von/by CaptainFuture ////////////////////////
Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr!!!
Use of your own risk!!! Version 2.0

ODF und WAV Dateien ins ADDON Verzeichnis, TGA Dateien ins TEXTURES/RGB.
ODF and WAV files in the ADDON, TGA files in the TEXTURES/RGB directory.

SOD Datei ins SOD Verzeichnis.
SOD file in the SOD directory.

In der Datei moonmak1.odf 0 eintragen.
Insert moonmak1.odf 0 in the file.

Einfach die Zeilen (*) in euer weapon.spr und gui_global.spr eintragen.
Simply put the lines (*) in your weapon.spr and gui_global.spr.

Ein Schiff bewaffnen und los geht´s.
Arm a ship and let´s rock.

# Federation phaser
wmoonma1 moonmak1 0 0 128 32
wmoonma2 moonmak2 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

# Special weapon buttons
b_moonmak1 gbmmake 0 0 64 64

Diese Waffe ist in Englisch oder Deutsch zu haben, einfach die
moonmak1.odf Datei anpassen!
This Weapon supports English or German language, only change the
moonmak1.odf file!

Viel Spaß.
Have fun.

CaptainFuture MdF/MoF STGN und/and STAMODS

Version  2.0  Author  Captain Future  Website   
Downloads  692  Size  145.03 KB  Created  2002-08-11 



#1 Xenomorph 2002-09-27 09:20
What's wrong with hacking the heck out of it? As long as it's balanced. Hell, that's what Counter-Strike did to Half-Life.
#2 Xenomorph 2002-10-01 09:09
Can someone translate the readme? I can't read German...
#3 Defiant1030 2007-01-28 00:34
is this for star trek armada 1 or 2 :o

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