Klingon Voices From A1 Klingon Voices From A1

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seanabooth, 2003-11-22

This file will change the klingon voices in A2 to those from A1. Smile

Readme File:

Installation Instructions:
Extract All files into your "armada II\sounds\voiceover\ingame" directory.

Info on it: this will change all of the klingon voices to those used in A1.

Type of Mod: sound mod

Bugs: None so far.

Author: seanabooth

E-mail: seanabooth@hotmail.com

Hope you all enjoy it!

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#11 Mighty442 2008-09-21 14:30
I had the same problem as Major Payne. The archive is corrupt if you try to open it with Winzip. I had to use Windows built in unzipping capabilities to open this file. If you use Windows Explorer instead it will work. I hope that helps other people having this problem.

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