Florish class update Florish class update

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PhoenixtheScout, 2004-06-24

This is an update for the Federation Florish class.

some people in the community gave me a tip about my textures for the fed flourish class. so i had a closer look on them again and realized that they have the wrong size.

As you can see, this updates the textures. It also now includes an ODF, for those of you that dont have the knowlage or are too lazy. Or something.

Anyway, this is a great ship for the futuristic federation fan.

Federation Flourish Class by PhoenixtheScout


Copy the:

*.sod file to the SOD folder
*.tga file to the Textures/RGB folder

NOTE: This mod consists of the plain sod and texture files. You need ship ( and weapon ) odf files in order to run it.
The “fflourish.odf” file is just an example, but can be used as ship odf file.



Title : Flourish Class
Platform : StarTrek Armada2
Email : PhoenixtheScout@gmx.de
model design : PhoenixtheScout
texture : PhoenixtheScout
mesh : PhoenixtheScout

mod specs:

512x512 TGA Texture with Lightmap
512x512 TGA Bumpmap
1026 Polygons SOD
25 hps


Dark-Templer Project:

FGX - Future Gaming Xperience:
Version  1.1  Author  PhoenixtheScout  Website   
Downloads  677  Size  663.48 KB  Created  2004-06-24 



#1 STGamerNew2002 2004-06-24 10:52
Hey PhoenixtheScout,

I know I mentioned this in previous version's posting, but again no Build Butoon and Wireframe from your ship? I know others who don't know how to make them would like to have them. I offered to share what I made, but I see you might of missed my offer(?). :P
#2 Captain_Stan 2004-06-24 18:41
i would sure like some buttons and wireframes
#3 STGamerNew2002 2004-06-24 22:51
Hey Captain_Stan,

If you need the buttons and wireframe, email me at: . ;-)
#4 PhoenixtheScout 2004-06-26 23:41

because i´m working very hard on the empires2 update, i had not much time. everyone who feels able to make some buttons can of course "add them" or make a button pack. for the next time i promise to make some buttons ;-)

but when you made tons off buttons for Empires2, you are really *****ed off ( sorry ) making button after button ;p



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