Federation Florish Class Federation Florish Class

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PhoenixtheScout, 2004-06-01

This is a Federation Flourish class starship, probably made up. This does not contain the ship or weapon ODF files, but contains the textures and the SOD file.

Federation Flourish Class by PhoenixtheScout


Copy the:

*.sod file to the SOD folder
*.tga file to the Textures/RGB folder

NOTE: This mod consists of the plain sod and texture files. You need ship ( and weapon ) odf files in order to run it.
The ?fflourish.odf? file is just an example, but can be used as ship odf file.



Title : Flourish Class
Platform : StarTrek Armada2
Email : PhoenixtheScout@gmx.de
model design : PhoenixtheScout
texture : PhoenixtheScout
mesh : PhoenixtheScout

mod specs:

796x820 TGA Texture with Lightmap
796x820 TGA Bumpmap
1026 Polygons SOD
25 hps


Dark-Templer Project:

FGX - Future Gaming Xperience:
Version    Author  PhoenixtheScout  Website   
Downloads  1,166  Size  1.41 MB  Created  2004-06-01 


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