Dynamic music demo & BSG mini mod Dynamic music demo & BSG mini mod

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Freyr, 2009-05-17

This is a slightly updated version of the dynamic music mini mod /BSG mini mod I released as part of the last competition. The substantial difference is that I figured out what was causing it to crash under version 1.1, and rectified the problem so this now works with the patch. I must confess to a couple of minor gameplay tweaks (repair rates changed) however it still plays more or less as before.

However, that said its intended as a demonstration of dynamic music first and foremost, the fact that it demonstrates a different gameplay style was a secondary thing, as is the replacement menu GUI etc. Its not incredibly playable against a AI, as it was designed for human vs human gameplay. I have considered finishing the idea off by including a ragtag fleet to resupply and repair Galactica which need to be defended, plus vipers and a resurrection ship and raiders for the cylons however there hasn't been a huge amount of interest, and i'm busy with other things. If enough people are interested then I might finish this of later, otherwise this is probably it.

The intended gameplay is basicially what Iosys came up with back in 2007 here:-

I liked the idea at the time, but he never did release his version. Its basically the same gameplay as he imagined, the colonials have one very strong ship (ie, galactica) and the cylons have three basestars that are about 40% as powerful as the mighty Battlestar. As a result, if they can gang up on you with two or three basestars you going to feel it, however you can win a 1v1 fight and possibly a 2v1 however your going to be seriously damaged which is going to force you to run, avoiding the cylons until you can repair your ship enough to be sure you can win an engagement.

Its harder to win against the AI than against a human as the AI doesn't tend to split its ships up enough very often to sneak in and kill one without resorting to a FTL jump on top of one. You then have to worry about recharging your FTL and jumping away before the other cylon ships turn up with blood in their eye.

Can you beat the odds?

Modding competition submission

This mod is designed to showcase several different things:-

Dynamic music that only activates at certain times depending on what you are doing. This is common in other games, but a first for Armada II. It also demonstrates that you do not need to spend years developing a massive mod! This mod was started on Sunday the 4th after Thunderfoot was lamenting the lack of competition in the gameplay section of the modding competition and finished on Thursday the 15th.

That's 11 days in total, and I'd be the first one to admit I didn't spend all of it developing the mod. This mod also introduces a rather different gameplay style for Armada in the hope of persuading a few other people to have a play with completely different ideas to see what they can produce.

People seem to be attached to the idea that you have to have a base with static buildings. Think again guys. :) If you think about a star wars mod there is no reason that the rebels should have a static base -AT ALL-. With a little imagination it would be quite possible to have the entire setup mobile and movable, which would shift the entire feel of the game more towards how it is portrayed in the films/books with the rebels running from an imperial fleet.

That is just one idea that someone could pick up and run with, and I can think of dozens of others. Lets have some fun playing with some truely new ideas people!


0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Online Multiplayer
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact

0 - Credits - SPOILER WARNING. PLAY FIRST BEFORE READING FURTHER! (you know you want a surprise when you load up the game, right?)

Missile - Draconis Sharp.

BattleStar - Morpheus

BaseStar - Majestic

Freyr - menus originally published for the FreeSpace2 mod and altered to fit BSG styling.

Universal Studios - "Battlestar Galactica", the stylized "Battlestar Galactica" logo, and the music exerpts posted by universal on their website are the property of Universal Studios and no copyright infringement is intended.

1 - Installation

Copy the contents of this zip file to the root of your newly installed copy of Armada II. Please be aware, this will overwrite some files by default so don't install it over a modded install.

2 - System Requirements

Armada II

3 - Online Multiplayer

Incompatible with V1.1

4 - Known Issues

The admirals log has not been configured so this mod will crash instead of completing a game.

5 - Disclaimer

As required by the Armada 2 End User License Agreement: -


6 - Contact

email : freyr@a2upgrades.net

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#1 HighGuardKnight 2010-01-10 00:44
now i feel daft. I've just stumbled across this looking for the original version after enquiring yesterday what caused the incompatibility with 1.1 lol. Good stuff, lets try this one lol :-)

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