Concept : Future Full Mod Sounds Addon v1.00 Concept : Future Full Mod Sounds Addon v1.00

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Concept: Future, 2004-03-16

This addon adds some nice music to the game. Created to be used alongside the Concept : Future Full Mod. However, I think that this could be used irrelevant of whether the mod is used or not. Definatlely makes the feel of the game better, worth a download. (Maybe unless you can't be bothered to wait for the large filesize!!)

Concept : Future Full Mod version 1.00 (for Armada 2)

If you have any suggestions for Concept : Future or if you need any help/support with this mod please email me at


To install just open the main folder and double click on the executable file - this will install the files to where they need to go as long as you enter the correct directory.

Alternatively (if you have other mods and some modding skill) just open the zip file and execute the exe file(save it to a different folder) then move the files that you want to where they should go. I think that it's obvious where they should go once open - but any problems and just mail me, it wont take long for me to get back to you!
(I have used an auto-installer because a lot of people will find this a lot easier; also it's possible to install it without overwriting by installing to another file.)

Note - if you want to keep any data since before this installation I suggest that u back it up. A lot of the data will stay � but there are a few files that have to be edited for the game to work properly with the mod.

When the program asks whether you wish some files, which are write-protected, to be over-written, you must state Yes, or the game will not work correctly.
Songs used in this mod :-
Disturbed - Stupify
Disturbed - Liberate
Pale 3 - In My Head
The Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack - Navras
Creed - My Sacrifice
Evananesence - Going Under
ILS - No Soul Remix
Spyhunter -
Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Creed - One Last Breath (automatically installed when the original mod was installed)

All files contained within this mod are the property of their respective owners. I have not created or in any way modified these songs (which were shortened however) This project is in no way affiliated or authorized by Activision, MadDOC Software, or any subsidiaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned companies or other companies included in the development of Armada 2. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning inappropriate usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictated by the standard terms governing its usage. This includes extenuating circumstances in which 3rd party alteration to the included files may cause problems (although this will be very rare), or damage to the users system. In this case I cannot be held liable for such misuse, but I will provide any help or support as far as I can.

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#1 godmeister 2004-03-16 21:50
Great, I've been waiting for some new sounds to go with the Future Concept Mod!! Now I have them!
#2 Guest 2004-03-21 11:59
using that mp3 decoder from the babylon 5 mode you can use any music you want for the game..just delete the old music file, but copy the file name onto the music you wanna use. its awsome, ive played as the federation using the wrath of kahn music, or undiscovered country theme
#3 cappy1962 2004-03-21 21:51
While I do like the new sounds, I must admit it's a bit disconcerting to say the least when there are captain'r logs and/or briefings going on. You have no idea just how valuable and entertaining some of that stuff can be at times. I'm giving serious consideration to putting the old stock music back in.
#4 conceptfuture_theone 2004-03-22 01:13
what about the other songs? Why dont u just overwrite the one file that changes the music at the game startup and briefings??
#5 stue001 2005-10-28 10:01
what is the name of the music used in the instant action afor the federation 'cause i thinks it totally Rocks and is sooo 8)

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