Bug into Donut Bug into Donut

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ColdDarkParanoia, 2007-01-13

A great idea from CDP, this mod changes the default error model (which is a picture of a bug on a cube) into a a picture of a donut on the error cube. (the error cube is displayed when you have a missing model)

This is a great addition to the other obvious download, the Donut class confectionery. On an additional note, this will not be going up on piefiles (www.piefiles.com) as the site is still not fully finished.

4 all you donut loving freeks out there¬!
when ever you screw up on your model instead of getting that annoying bug,
You now get a tasty treat! ;)

Just place the file default.tga into you texture folder

C:/program files/activision/Startrek armada 2/ textures / rgb

Personly i never got the hole donut joke n dnt really like donuts but i thought i'd
spread the joy!


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#1 Defiant001 2007-01-13 13:37
OMG piefiles.com actually exists!!!! LMFAO
#2 SithMaestro 2007-01-13 14:26
On this site, theres no such thing as taking the donuts joke too far.......

I think the next donuty feature should be to replace the planets with donuts, and the star field with sprinkles.....
#3 Freyr 2007-01-13 15:08
oh, I think we might have gone to far when we started posting downloads and celebrating donuts over the 40th anniversary of star trek without realising, but hey it was funny.

And is it really a good idea to be giving people ideas? :P I started this off by saying I wanted a donut modeled, think what you might be starting!
#4 SithMaestro 2007-01-14 23:32
LOL Freyr. You know you laugh every time. Besides, its all gotta come together to a total conversion sooner or later eh???

(Iol i bet i just gave someone an idea, lol......)
#5 Ramrod_the_Destroyer 2007-01-15 07:31
Well, I must say - I like this a LOT better. I've only seen that stupid box once, mind you, and I still think this is a major improvement.

Next thing you know, someone makes an entire race made out of varying pastries and confectioneries.....oh, the creativity of people on this site. 8)
#6 thunderfoot006 2007-01-15 19:05
Thank you very much for a replacement for that ridiculous bug box! Although to be fair, the bug box has better textures than most of the stock ships. At least it looks like what it is supposed to be. With this and Fahres's Donut Mod, the warrior pastries known as the Kreim Filled can continue their devastating attack on the arteries of the Alpha Quadrant! Long Live the Eclairs!
#7 ragnar603 2007-04-12 12:46

Aww someone should actually make a donut mod, changing the starfield and planets


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