Borg Textures for Nova Class Borg Textures for Nova Class

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Lt_Commander, 2003-12-19

These are fully lit and node lit textures for Michael Kelly's Nova Class

Borg textures for mutliple mods

By: Lt_Commander

Borg textures are:
SFC converted nova class(lighted) - Michael Kelly

To install:
Step 1
Unzip and open folder
Step 2
Open the A2 root directory and insert files in textures/RGB.
Step 3
open game and assimlate ships.
Step 4
enjoy :)
Why did I do this?
Because borg textures look cool.
When I put up a thread,I never got a response, and if you have a problem, tell me and I will be shure to never do another mod from the complaitant. I'm not really ripping off any textures, just adding on.
Notes: You need the origional mod to use these. The ships with alpha textures have lighted nodes. If you like what you see, and want one done for your mod, e-mail me at If this crashes your game, I am not responsable.

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#1 Lt_Commander 2003-12-21 18:27
I wish more people did these to see a little vairity in textures.
#2 Wraith_166 2004-07-22 07:37
I wonder if this is what the EQUINOX would've looked like had the Borg assimilated it? Oh well...
:borg: :borg: :borg:

P.S. Great work!
#3 Guest 2004-07-22 18:01
the cateyes scare me! But it's still 10/10!

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