Bio-Matter Nebulas Bio-Matter Nebulas

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Chiletrek, 2004-01-18

If a species can collect bio-matter (e.g species 8472), this mod allows them to get it from these nebulas.

Hello, I'm Chiletrek:
This mod will allow you to use a new resource element for Species8472 or any other biological race, this is the Bio-matter Nebula wich only contains a medium amount of bio-matter, now you can make a fully map of Fluidic Space without using unplausibles planets!!.

The Files:
3 .odf files for mod specifications.
1 .sod file for nebula design.
2 .jpg files for preview pictures.
1 .txt file -> This Read Me!!

For Instalation:
1) Unzip the files to a temporary folder and open your main ArmadaII folder.
2) The file bionebula.sod to the SOD folder.
3) The 3 .odf files to the odf\other folder.
4) The 2 .jpg files ..... ehhh ..... mmmmm..... they are only previews!!, they are only useful for the knowledge about the MOD o_Ô

And you are ready now!!:

Special Note:
If you want to add new Latinum-type Nebulas to the Map Editor just open the file:

ej_nebulsmall.odf in the \odf\other directory (without the "only read" feature) and add:
itemX = "Bionebula"
And replace the X with the next free number.

I hope everybody likes this new nebula, because is very useful for specific maps or for battles in the Fluidic Space realm with normal resources!! :-P

For any suggestions, opinions or ideas you can E-mail me at:

Any Feedback is appreciated!

Paramount Pictures : For make every Star Trek series and films.
Activision and Mad Doc Software: For creating this great game (and for creating the SOD that I use for this MOD).
Chiletrek (Me!) : Who changed a little one of the files so now this new nebula is accessible for the enjoy of everybody.

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#1 Chiletrek 2004-01-27 14:03
Hello everybody:

Anyone has a comment about this mod, because i want to know if this is a nice mod and in what ways can I improve to make more mods. Any opinion is apreciatted (as always :-) ).
#2 Shadow51689 2006-05-06 02:48
I like it! Aren't these the nebulae from the last mission? (No info on them, didn't seem to do anything)

Does it shrink as it is mined?
#3 Chiletrek 2006-06-10 21:09

Sorry it took me so long to reply you Shadow51689, but I will answer you now.

These nebulas are based on the normal Fluidic Nebulas from the last mission, but scaled down to make it different.

And these act in the same way as the Latinum Nebulas in our space-time continuum, so the bio-matter nebulas will shrink until dissapear as much resource you gather from them.

I was planning in make a new version that includes an infinite one too, is that a good idea?



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