Assimilatable Cloak Assimilatable Cloak

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8of5, 2002-08-07

This mod makes the Cloak assimilatable. Cloaking TFCs, here we come!

####Assimilatable Cloak by 8of5####

This mod alows the cloak to be assimilated, if you chose to but it on your whole fleet the
ohase cloak pod is built but you get the cloak. there is only one file, the cloak odf,
which you put in the special weapons Directory under the idf directory in the main Armada


Sorry if there are any problems but I doupt I can help and will not be held responsable (but
I sujest that you make backups of the files you replace), but with my playing with this there
havent been any problems


If you want to use this in your mod feel free, but please mentionme or something
If you wish to contact me, email

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#1 Matt_el_G 2002-08-09 22:52
At last!!! I've been desperately trying to figure out a non-scripting way of getting the Borg to assimilate some form of cloak! I've captured Romulan construction ships and build everything, and tried to assimilate the phase cloak, but they won't! Now you come along, master of genius, and do this.

No offense, but with the number of typos in that read-me of yours, its amazing you got any script to work at all ;-)
#2 Guest 2002-10-20 15:03
I don't have the game, but are likily to get it soon-in the mean time is there any way to get ships to cloak because my odf files aren't working where do i put the cloak file.
#3 Guest 2003-03-03 13:13
well as soon as i retrieve my password i can hvae my proper name and as soon as file front lets me download the file i will.

If this works it is exactley what i have been looking for.

Hmm i can picture it now, fleets of cloaked cubes and fusion cubes converge on sperate areas of the map. Decloak, fire and disappear without a trace.
#4 ef2_gamer 2003-08-25 07:57

Quote from a1:

Bridge officer on admiral sela's ship,

Borg Cube Dead ahead!!

Now it will be

Admiral Borg cubes decloaking off are starboard bow! lol
#5 the_predator 2003-11-30 11:33
i found a small prroblem with this mod the enamy still sees me even if im cloacked and they dont have a scout :borg:
#6 DTMkiller36 2005-09-15 13:51
Rock it took you a vile
#7 Tazuren 2007-08-29 15:53
In response to the predator , your enemy probaly built sensor stations and researched the Tachyon Detection net. Anyways, I love this mod as it gives me the ability in Instanst Action to launch a very nasty surprise attack on my enemies base. I send in 4-8 TFC's and boom no more base.......
#8 Anon_4555 2009-07-31 19:28
thanks man, i hate the way i couldn't get a cloak for my cube before :borg:

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